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Why ‘Snapping’ It Is Better

Posted: December 30, 2016 at 12:29 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

More technological advancements, more fun, more trouble. Whether we like it or not, there will always be a way to go around something manmade.Even Snapchat isn’t safe as you’d see on There are ways for hackers to get your private information and use it however they please. If we sat down all day and thought about who is out to get us, we wouldn’t enjoy our lives. The number of snaps sent out on a daily basis runs into hundreds of millions with the US accounting for about 10%. That pretty much tells you that people are enjoying the application and will keep at it in the future.snapping

Snapping Bliss

Facebook, Instagram and Twitter don’t hold a candle to how personal Snapchat is. With Snapchat, it is about a single moment with only that person you want to share it with. There is just no time in a ten second window for prying eyes to grace a party they weren’t invited to.

The real definition of instant messaging lies with Snapchat. There are no dashboards to sift through. Sharing a moment takes opening your application and tapping.

For those who take hours deciding whether to post something on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, what you post on Snapchat has a ten seconds lifespan. If it was a mistake, you only have ten seconds to endure the regret.

If you need your snap to last more than ten seconds, you can take a shot of it and save it however you want or use it on your other social media accounts.snapping


The vulnerabilities associated with Snapchat are the access to identity information and the ability to make mirror copies of accounts as displayed on The good thing about businesses is there will always be improvements to keep clients satisfied and interested. There’s so much to gain than there is to lose.

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