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Where to Find WiFi Hotspots in Montevallo, Alabama

Posted: December 2, 2019 at 11:43 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

Montevallo, Alabama, home of the University of Montevallo, is a relatively small town, but it boasts a wealth of WiFi hotspots in various locations.

Obviously, the biggest source of wireless Internet access may be the University itself: nearly all of campus has wireless access, including the student union building (Farmer Hall) and Carmichael Library. The student lounge of Comer hall is another good place to find access. That said, access to the University network may be a bit difficult to acquire if you aren’t a student. I know I had to go to the computer help desk in Morgan Hall to get access, but I don’t remember if I was asked to prove my status as a student. If you can’t get on the university network, don’t worry: there’s plenty of other places to find WiFi in the city and because of the best wifi booster, your connectivity would become even stronger and reliable. Hence, here are the best wifi hotspots in Montevallo.

Eclipse Coffee  amp; Books on Highway 119 is a great place with reliable free WiFi. The staff are friendly and accommodating, and the food and coffee are excellent. There’s plenty of access to power plugs and desks, as well, and the staff don’t mind if you want to crash for several hours while you do your browsing. Most of the power plugs are near the front of the dining area, however, which are cleared out during special events like bands or karaoke night, so you may be asked to move now and again.

The Huddle House just off Highway 25 is another great WiFi spot in Montevallo. There’s only a few spots with power plugs, though, so be sure your battery is charged up before you go in. The staff are fairly used to people coming in and spending a long time on their laptops, but be courteous: the place fills up quickly sometimes, so don’t dominate a table if they need it for paying customers. Late night is usually a good time, when it’s quiet: Huddle House is open 24 hours a day: great for those late-night browsing sessions. The Huddle House network is a tad unreliable, however: sometimes you’ll lose connectivity for no apparent reason, though it usually returns within a few moments.

As with most McDonald’s, the local burger joint offers WiFi access as well, but I can’t comment much on its quality, as I rarely went in. I believe access here requires a security code from the manager, which can be gained by making a small purchase of some sort.

Slightly further away, but with great food and reliable access, is the What-a-Burger on Highway 31 in Alabaster, just a short drive from Montevallo on Highway 119. Also open 24 hours a day, the What-a-burger is another one of those places where the staff don’t mind if you chill for a while, but I’ve never had much luck finding power plugs there, so again, make sure your battery is charged. Also in Alabaster is a Books’A’Million which offers WiFi access in its Joe Muggs Coffee lounge.

A bit further, in Helena, Alabama, is the Big Mountain Coffee Company; their coffee is delicious, and they have wonderful sandwiches with a comfortable atmosphere, and free WiFi access.