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Trickster Online: A Free Multiplayer Online Game

Posted: December 10, 2019 at 1:44 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

The basics of this game are as follows. Its 100% free to play! While there is a feature called Myshop that you can buy items from, it’s not necessary to purchase anything. There are eight characters to choose from. There are four female and four male. The female characters are a Fox, Bunny, Sheep, and a Cat. Male characters are a Lion, Buffalo, Dragon, and a Raccoon. Each one has its own special skills. The currency in the game is called Galders. You can get Galders from selling any items you pick up to the NPC’s or by picking up Glader coupons.

There are 3 different jobs for each character. The max level is 400. Your first job is what you start with. Once you get to level 50 with a TM level of 40 you can advance to your second job. You stay with that job until you are a level 130 with a TM level of 120. You may then begin your Third Job process. There are two different paths for third job. Pure and Hybrid. Pure means just that your staying Pure to your character. Hybrid means that you may choose skills from your male/female counter part. As in Fox/Lion, Bunny/Bull, Sheep/Dragon, Cat/Raccoon. If you are familiar with judi online terpercaya, you can easily get along with this game. This is because it contains amazing graphics and game categories.

Everyone in the game will tell you that a certain skill build is better than other but when your first starting out I suggest that you stick with that the game recommends. Once you get the idea of the game try out the other builds that are more common. There are a lot of quests to do in the game to help you level up. There is a party system in the game so 2-6 players can join together and play. Not only do you get extra experience, but you get a chance to talk with people of many different ages and countries.

There are different maps in the game. There is a Tutorial then you move Coral Beach and you start the game. Once you are around level 15-20 you move you Desert Beach. Desert Beach is up to levels 35-40. Coral Beach and Desert Beach are exactly like the sound, a beach town. You fight monsters like a monkey, octopus, and a duck. From Desert Beach you move on to Caballa Relics.Caballa Relics is designed for levels 40-60. Caballa Relics is an archeology type area. Some of the monsters there are Aposis, Chimu, and Stone soldier. After Caballa Relics you go to Oops Wharf. Oops Wharf is a Boat Dock area for level 60-75. There are many more maps other than what I listed that you can explore.

Each area has a Boss monster that you can fight to get rare weapons. To get to them you must pass certain tests. All monsters have a level range. An example is Coral Beach. The Boss monster is called Master Mong. The range to fight him is 1-30. But in this case you can also 300,000 Galders to get in to see him, if you are level 31+.

Trickster online has many different events. Currently they are doing a Poppuri Drilling Event. There are 8 stages and dozens of prizes including myshop points. Everyone works together to win.

Myshop is an added feature that is not required to play. You spend real money and get myshop points that you cant use for items like clothing, weapons, pets and more. But remember the game is 100% free to play, Myshop is only there IF you want something special.

The website for the game is There you can download the game and talk with other players.

There is also a fan site At that website there is a lot more information, including step-by-step guides to quests, and building your character.

I hope you enjoy this game as much as I do