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Tips On Controlling Your Kids Safety While Playing Online Games

Posted: July 7, 2019 at 1:02 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)

Video games evolved since the early 70s and 90s, from single-player console games to internet connected games. In this modern day, video games are now connected with a network of thousands to millions of players. Where they can socialize with each other through online games, it can be played on console games such as Xbox, Wii, or PlayStation platforms. Moreover, online games can also be played in computers, smartphones, and web browsers or through social media sites. Thus, if you are a parent, you should always review what online games that your child is engaging in. By understanding and regulating the games played by your kids can help them play their games safely and carefully.

Understanding the Risk of Online Games

Yes, it is true. Online games can give risks that can affect a child’s mind. Telling your kids to avoid online games with genres of gore, horror, violence, and sexual acts can help reduce the risk. Moreover, bullying through online games are also common nowadays. Trash talking, saying nasty things, and sending a malicious text is frequent in every online game. Setting guidelines to follow can help your kids to avoid it. And also telling them the importance of respect through other players. Always remember, gaming is meant for entertainment and fun way to your kids.

Know the Ratings of Each Online Games

There are ratings that ESRB (Entertainment Software Rating Board) utilizes in every video or online games. It helps parents and users to be aware of the content and potential of the game before playing the games. By determining this rating system can help you find games that are right for your kids.

  • EC: Early childhood
  • E: Everyone
  • E10+: Everyone 10+
  • T: Teen
  • M: Mature
  • AO: Adults Only
  • And RP: Rating Pending


The list above shows the essential tips and guidelines that parents want to apply for their kids. If you wish to other online games for your kids. Feel free to search domino99 for more information.