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Tips of Selecting the Best Tennis Racquets

Posted: December 11, 2016 at 5:43 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)

The one most important equipment for playing tennis is the racquet. As such, selection of the racquet should be carefully done if you want the best out of your game. Generally, dominant racquets are very lightweight, have larger head sizes and a very thick beam. However, if you are looking for a racket that you can have more control over, you want one with a smaller head size, much heavier and with thin beams.

When choosing a tennis racquet, the factors that should be considered include:

  • Physical strength
  • Physical build
  • Age Profile

Lightweight, Oversize Power Racquets

These types of racquets are most suitable for tennis beginners as well as intermediates. They are also the perfect option for players that are not physically athletic or strong. These racquets are very easy to swing due to their lightweight. They are also very user friendly and are preferred by most regular tennis club players.

Powerful Control Racquets

These are recommended for all types of tennis players. They give the best combination of power and control. Players with great physical strength as well as athletic players go hand in hand with these racquets. Most advanced players use these types of racquets for more power and because they hit a lot of topspin. Junior players can also use these racquets quite comfortably thus their variability.

Ultimate Control Racquets

These are recommended for advanced tennis players who have full strokes. They are also the best option for powerful athletic intermediates who like taking big swings at the ball. Since the players have their own power, they are only in need of the racquets control which they can easily get from these heavy and thin beamed racquets.


With the different types of tennis racquets in the market including highly advanced tenis con luz led méxico racquets, the choice of the most suitable one can be a bit overwhelming. Therefore, ensure that you know your right fit before settling for one.

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