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The Best Solution For Warts

Posted: February 8, 2017 at 12:14 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

Warts occur in a number of individuals mainly because of the HPV virus that infects them. While it occurs in multiple places on the body, genital warts are the worse and they can cause a lot of problems. There are different kinds of warts that might appear on the genitals and they may either lay flat or be raised, appear by themselves or in clusters and can be found in or around the vagina or anus or on the vulva or penis. If you want to learn more about these wart types then visit http://www.wartremover.netEffective Home Remedy for Warts RemovalAlthough this HPV infects both men and women, men are more likely to get infected. In certain cases the symptoms of HPV may appear years after contracting the virus. Even though one does not show any HPV symptoms, they can still pass it on to their partner. It is essential to not depend on the visual presence of genital warts to find out whether or not an individual is infected with the virus. Effective Home Remedy for Warts RemovalWomen can undergo a regular pelvic exam and Pap smear which can detect the HPV infection. During the examination if the doctor finds signs of genital warts; then a further check up can be conducted and if the warts are discovered; one can start treatment immediately. In women; ignorance of the virus can lead to cervical cancer. A regular Pap smear can help detect the infection and can help to start treatment immediately. A woman who has genital warts on her cervix may suffer slight bleeding or, very rarely, an unusual colored vaginal discharge.

Unfortunately for men; there is no medical test which can be conducted to determine whether or not any HPV symptoms exist or not. HPV initially may not show any symptoms and men can get infected without any symptoms till the warts show up.

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