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Seeing the Wonder of Vinyl Flooring

Posted: March 20, 2017 at 9:03 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

Vinyl flooring is made up of different vinyl materials. There are solid and composite types of vinyl that are incorporated in the very make up of the vinyl flooring. Solid vinyl is made up of different vinyl pieces that are mixed up with a vinyl base. While on the other hand, composite vinyl are the ones that are embedded in the non-vinyl fillers. ProductPagesAdura

It is also worth noting that solid vinyl is the more expensive type of vinyl because it has higher quality than the other types. These vinyl flooring also have its own protective topping that protects it from being damaged by liquid substances and from getting scratches. This protective topping is usually made from urethane that does not contain a wax covering.install-vinyl-plank-flooring-2ndrow-1stpiece

Knowing More About Vinyl Flooring

There are also two types of vinyl coating. The first one does not have a wax, while the second one is called an all-in vinyl. The all-in vinyl is much stronger than the other one. However, it can easily lose its glossy texture as time goes by. A glossy floor can also be more slippery, which is why it is not recommended to install these ones in the bathroom or toilet. You also have the option to wax it up in order to ensure that it will still be shiny and glossy.

In-depth Details

Vinyl floors also feature a cushion backing that make it softer and more comfortable to step on. You can choose the thickness level. Unfortunately, the thicker the cushion backing is, the easier the floor can suffer from dents. However, you should also consider that thicker cushion backings are more prone to dents and scratches. Vinyl flooring also has two forms, these are the tile and sheet forms. People also consider using vinyl flooring instead of the regular tiles is because it is more affordable. It is also very easy to install.


In conclusion, vinyl flooring is indeed the best option for you to choose because it not only ensures that you have good flooring, but it also avoids the risk of slipping from happening. In short, it’s all about affordability, physical look, and safety and security.

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