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A Review of Jordan Alexander’s Preschool Academy

Posted: December 21, 2019 at 4:57 pm   /   Education

In a country where preschool options are dominated by money-hungry corporations, like Kindercare and Children’s World, or non-profit programs with ulterior motives, such as church preschool programs focused on socializing kids to be good Christians, very few independent preschools survive. Money is the problem – any private preschool hangs in the balance, somewhere between charging too much for their rates and losing enrollment, and not charging enough and being unable to afford the business’ expenses. Having worked in half a dozen different preschools and childcare centers since I was 16, one stands out above all the others: Jordan Alexander’s Preschool Academy, located in Littleton, Colorado. As a successful preschool, Jordan Alexander’s can offer children many benefits, despite the drawbacks of its private ownership.

Another important one is the childcare east gwillimbury, which I may not count in the same league, but still its much better than other preschools.


Jordan Alexander’s Preschool Academy accepts children from six weeks to six years. The school features an infant care room, several toddler- and two-year-olds rooms, a potty-training room, several pre-K classrooms for three- and four-year-olds, and a private kindergarten class. The property also has three isolated playgrounds – one for the one-year-olds, another for the two-year-olds and potty-training class, and a large playground for the older children – as well as a large sandbox area. To insure that inclement weather will not result in classrooms full of rambunctious, irritable children, the school also features an indoor gymnasium, perfect for gross motor activities.


Any parent who has enrolled their children in large chain preschools knows how the corporate culture translates into childcare: the teachers suffer low wages and large classrooms, the shelves remain bare of toys or contain only old, broken toys, and meanwhile you continue to fork out hundreds of dollars each week. It doesn’t take a genius to realize that the tuition you pay is not contributing to your child’s improved care. Due to its independence, Jordan Alexander’s Preschool Academy has the freedom to be kid-focused, instead of profit-focused, avoiding problems such as these. As a result, you will find teacher-to-child ratios that are often lower than the state limits, shelves stocked with a myriad of toys and supplies necessary for your child’s development, and classrooms that are clean and orderly.

In addition to preschool, Jordan Alexander’s also offers a private kindergarten program. With lower teacher-to-child ratios than in public schools, students receive more one-on-one attention, and therefore more opportunity to learn and grow. A private kindergarten program, such as the one Jordan Alexander’s offers, ensures that your child will not miss out on what should be a fun and challenging introduction to learning.


Such peace of mind has a price. Jordan Alexander’s caters to the upper-middle class neighborhood it is located in, and the school’s rates reflect that. However, it is necessary to remember that as a private business, the school would surely be unable to survive if their prices did not reflect the quality of the care they provide. Can you really put a price on the value of excellent care and education for your child?

Of course, the problems that typically plague the childcare industry are unavoidable, even for a quality private preschool. Despite somewhat lower turnover rates for staff, the school depends on high school and college students to fill part-time positions just as heavily as does any other childcare center. And the absence of a corporate policy can be a drawback as well as a benefit: while the school can afford to be very kid-focused, it also has the freedom to make exceptions when and where it chooses. This is not a place where you will find “the customer is always right.”


Despite its flaws, Jordan Alexander’s is still the best preschool in the area. Many of the factors that enable the school to provide exceptional childcare stem from its private ownership. The school’s kid-focused curriculum, well-equipped classrooms, and safe and spacious play areas all combine to give your children the best preschool care you can buy. Jordan Alexander’s Preschool Academy provides an example of how a privately owned and operated childcare center can exceed the standards set by all the others.

Virtua Fighter 5 for PS3

Posted: December 21, 2019 at 1:03 pm   /   Gaming, Tips

If you haven’t played a fighting game before you gotta play this one. And if you love ’em, you probably have a favorite series you stick with, and a character in that series you’ve perfected. Such is the reason the genre has struggled to regain popularity — even in the face of growing attention for real-life fighting such as UFC and PRIDE. Virtua Fighter has long been considered the fighting gamer’s fighting game, and Virtua Fighter 5 proves why that is, for better or worse.

If you want deep gameplay with smart strategy about which there are articles on situs judi online terpercaya, this is the series you embrace. It’s as true today as it was when Virtua Fighter 2 took the Sega Saturn by storm. You won’t see flaming projectiles or gaudy finishing moves, just perfect pugilism paying the highest respect to the actual martial arts. It’s more of a fighting simulation than anything else out there. This is great for those with discriminating tastes, but VF gets a bad rep for not being n00b-friendly. In truth, it’s relatively easy to pick an intriguing character, study up in the manual and the in-game dojo, and become a formidable adversary.

Part of what makes Virtua Fighter’s learning curve so manageable is Quest mode — a brilliant idea started on the PS2’s Virtua Fighter 4: Evolution and expanded here. Go from arcade to arcade with your customizable character, building up your rank while competing in tournaments and earning new items to wear and emblems to display. It’s an odd duck if you compare it to most fighters’ money modes in that it’s simulating a fighting-game player rather than the character itself, but it’s got near-limitless replay value and a very gradual difficulty ramp-up that makes the too-tough too-quick Arcade mode, with its nonexistent story, nearly obsolete.

Joining the roster are two new characters, El Blaze and Eileen. Both try something new, and both instantly shot near the top of our favorite picks. In the past, wrestler characters have always been big brutes, but instead El Blaze portrays the acrobatic, athletic Lucha Libre style made popular in Mexico. He’s got his share of suplexes and slams, but also flies through the air with the greatest of ease. Meanwhile, Eileen uses animal-based kung-fu techniques usually reserved for the old man characters, but makes them “cute.” What would’ve been considered tiger style is now more aptly called kitty-cat. No matter whom you select, though, you’ll find enough moves and technique to spend hours getting acquainted with your avatar.

Fighter 5’s gameplay lives up to its reputation. As fans have come to expect, the game’s combos flow silky-smooth and most collision is spot-on. Throws, down attacks, and counters are all useful things to master – and you can slowly add new moves to your repertoire in Quest mode. However, it’s a little disappointing that the fighting hasn’t evolved much in the past few years. The square arenas where you battle seem archaic compared to the sprawling interactive environments in Dead or Alive 4. Not being able to use the analog stick is a curious choice, and you’ll have to compensate for the odd period of invulnerability when a fighter gets to his or her feet.

These little gameplay complaints are like zits on a supermodel — they’re unsightly, but too tiny to detract from the game’s overall brilliance. However, they garner more attention because Virtua Fighter doesn’t do much to take advantage of its new next-gen home. That’s not to say the graphics aren’t of the utmost quality, though, because this is easily one of the best-looking console games on the market. Effects like snow, rain, and darkness dazzle, fabric flows realistically, and the character models look eerily lifelike. Rather, VF5’s handicap is its lack of ambition to revolutionize.

Online play does not exist in Virtua Fighter 5. Some will groan in disgust, but others will realize that games this beautiful and intuitive can’t yet be played lag-free, so it’s not a huge deal. But where are the alternatives? You can’t create AI characters like in VF4: EVO; they would’ve been sweet to upload and download online. Virtua Fighter 5’s game’s rankings are a joke: win streak, time attack, and score rankings. How about a judging mode that critiques your play ability, and allows your skill ranking to be posted on a leaderboard? What about reinventing Quest mode to allow for gambling or arcade patron intimidation? Well overall I would say this is a must buy game for the PS3 for its overall fun.

Eve Online Ship Guides – the Civilian Shuttles

Posted: December 20, 2019 at 2:17 pm   /   Gaming, Guide

This article will cover the 4 racial civilian shuttles (‘Amarr Civilian Shuttle’, ‘Gallente Civilian Shuttle’, ‘Caldari Civilian Shuttle’, ‘Minmitar Civilian Shuttle’) The shuttles primary use is for ferrying capsuleers from one place to the other, allowing them to move several ships to a single location without loading them inside of a freighter. Shuttles are sold in almost every station in Eve Online, with the rare exeptioin being some stations in 0 security space. Generally they cost in the area of 10 to 20 thousand Isk. There is one shuttle that exists in the game that is a special exception to this commonality, and that is the incredibly rare Jovian shuttle.

Click here for a gallery of the 4 shuttles.

All four racial shuttles share the same attributes (except armor resistances and sensor types), varying only in the visual appearance of each shuttle. The Amarr shuttle is tan in color, with the exception of exposed wiring beneath its armor plates, shaped like a half oval, with wing tips at the end and a handful of sensor towers sticking out from both the front and back, the black cockpit nestled directly in the center. The Caldari shuttle carries the typical grey armor plating and rigid design of most Caldari ships, with 3 thrusters and a sensor tower on each wing, the hooked tip, black cockpit sits front and center. The Gallente shuttle poses an orange and silver armor plating style, uncommon of other Gallente vessels, with two y shaped wings attached to a streamlined center body; the Gallente shuttle has a glowing blue cockpit at the front of the vessel and a row of miniature thrusters at the opposite end. The Minmitar shuttle has an H shape from the top down, possessing two pairs of solar paneled wings and a slew of front facing sensor towers coming from the wing edges, the cockpit sits nestled within the core of the brown hued armored body of the shuttle.

As for fitting, all shuttles posses a base of 150 cpu, 25 powergrid and 1 calibration, however none of them poses rig slots or any of the three tiered power slots, meaning none of the shuttles are capable of fitting custom equipment. They all have 16 structure, 195 armor, 235 shield and 250 capacitor with a 375s recharge time. Another important shared attribute is a max velocity of 500m/s and 10 m3 of cargo space. The differing qualities of sensor type and armor resistances are as follows (order of resistances are Em/Exp/Kin/Thrm) ; Caldari – Strength 7 Gravimetric 50/10/25/45, Gallente – Strength 6 Magnetometric 50/10/35/35, Minmitar – Strength 5 Ladar 60/10/25/35, Amarr – Strength 6 50/20/25/35.

Shuttles are sometimes used for moving small items like skill books or blueprints, as a lot can fit in a very small space. Another role for shuttles is commonly to run small blockades and act as scouts behind enemy lines, since even though they cannot fit warp stabilizers, knowledgeable pilots can use their maneuverability to avoid ever being scrambled in the first place. Many manufacturers also start out producing shuttles, given the convenience in being one of the few heavily in demand items that requires on Tritanium to produce. Overall while civilian shuttles are by no means a threat, or the most capable in any department of ship role, they are the most abundant vessels in the markets of eve, any eve player is guaranteed to burn through a decent amount of these in their lifetimes, making them a key part of Eve Online. As you are enjoying Eve online you can play poker and other card games on Situs Judi Online as well.

A Look At The Features Of The Sony Next Generation Portable

Posted: December 20, 2019 at 9:17 am   /   Gaming

A successor to the Sony PlayStation Portable, currently dubbed the Next Generation Portable (or NGP for short), has finally been announced. Many of the features of the Sony NGP are definite improvements compared to the Playstation Portable. In this article I will look at the significant upgrades that Sony is packing into its Next Generation Portable. With NGP there are several other feature that you should look at as you click on xe88 apk download. You get the best app with description of latest gadgets and games.

Dual Analog Sticks

First and foremost, the Sony NGP will have two analog sticks, compared to the one analog stick on the PSP. This is a huge improvement that will make it easier for developers to make games that require a lot of movement of the camera, most notably games in the first-person shooter genre.

Touch Pad On The Back

Sony is finally joining the touch screen party by including a touch-sensitive panel on the back of the NGP. With touch control capability available on the Nintendo DS and many phones for years, this was a no-brainer feature to add. It remains to be seen whether it will be put to good use by developers, or if it will just be a gimmick.

A New Form Of Media Storage For Games

The Sony NGP will not have a UMD drive like the PSP, but instead the games will be on small flash memory based cards. These cards will not only have the full game on them, but will also have room left over to store add-on content and game saves. This is much better than the download only route that Sony went with the PSP Go. The NGP is also backwards compatible with downloadable PSP games, which is nice for the people that bought the PSP Go or a lot of game downloads.

Other Nice Features

Some of the other features that the Sony Next Generation Portable will have are a front and rear camera, a 5 inch screen, built-in GPS and WiFi, and 3G wireless connectivity. It will also come close to the current home consoles in power, with games that look almost as good as PlayStation 3 games.

There are some important questions still to be answered about Sony’s Next Generation Portable. One big question is how much it will cost. Looking at Sony’s prior track record (the Playstation 3 costing $600 when it first came out), it definitely won’t be cheap. $300 is probably the lowest possible amount that it will be launched at, but as high as $500 would not surprise me. Early adopters of new technological devices have shown that they will pay exorbitant sums just to be one of the first to have the shiny new toy.

The other big question is when it will come out. Sony will try to have it available for sale worldwide in time for the 2011 holiday season, but delays can and do happen. We will have to wait until the E3 show in June to get more concrete details.

Ultima Online: Enjoy this MMORPG for No Monthly Cost

Posted: December 19, 2019 at 6:41 pm   /   Gaming

Some say that you never get over your first love and I would have to say that is true for me when I think back about my first massive online role-playing game (MMORPG), Ultima Online. If you have played any of these games, I am sure you have heard or even played Ultima Online at some point. The game has an older graphical feel I know however this games packs 10 years of updates, trial and error and extra content. Occasionally, I enjoy revisiting this classic and seeing what is new however; I was not interested in paying $13 a month even though there is a good chance that my account has not been deleted. Perhaps you even sold you account as I did and really do not want to start all over again. May I suggest a way to play free that has the same UO feel but many custom features and updates that make the game even more fun to play.

Since Ultima Online has been around for so long, many talented programmers and designers have been using for several years the UO client for example Mondain’s Legacy. At that point, they start to make some additional tweaks that you will not find on the OSI shards that we all started out playing on. Custom made shards make changes to skills, skill gain, map and unique items. Some pleasant surprises were some shards even allow city governments and unique in game commands which makes contacting and finding other players much easier. It can be compared to situs judi online bola because there are a lot of players in this game so you will never run out of gamers to play and compete with

So why should you play on a player ran and created shard? Some of the changes you will find in a free shard may really surprise you. One concept that many have implemented is a city government. Each city has leader that the citizens of that city vote for periodically. They are in charge of the layout and future expansions of the city, organizing events and overseeing the general well being. One large difference you may find is that some shards do not allow you to place your own house. I was disappointed about this at first, however I see the benefit now. You can still customize the inside but this allows the shard creators to produce a unique city atmosphere without having every single house look different. Think of it as building codes, similar shingles and fences to produce a consistent feel. If you have a single story sandstone home by an 18×18, two stories home it interrupts the role-playing and aesthetics that could be achieved with these building codes. It also helps control the size of the city; it is much easier to find your way when the houses are not all 18×18 and two tiles apart.

Another great feature is a unique map and dungeons to explore. Not all player ran shards have a unique map since it takes thousands of hours to create and populate it however its fun to explore a unique place that no other shard can offer. If you do find a shard that has their own map, they may need help building certain undeveloped sections which is a lot of fun to play around with. If you have access to their build server, you can use all of their tools to build castles, place ruin cities deep in the forest. Wherever your imagination can take you. It is quite fun to use all of the familiar UO tiles, sounds, creatures, plants and every other item you have ever seen in UO to create your own, one of a kind world.

In-game commands also offer an advantage that I cannot miss in this article. Some that I am familiar with using for example is “.online” to see who is playing at that moment and “.playerradar” which pulls up a UO looking map to see who is close by. There can also be commands for communicating with anyone that is logged in which really helps if you are in a pinch or need a question answered. These commands are different for each shard but they allow you to be connected with the community faster.

Something that I did not look forward to is gaining skills all over again. I was happy to find out that many shards have tweaked this as well. Those tweaks allow your character to gain skills much faster and even passively sometimes. This cuts down on all those hours clicking a mouse 10,000 times just to GM carpentry. Some shards require you to find a master of whichever skill you need and train with him as part of an apprenticeship program.

I still cannot put my finger on it but I have always loved the “feel” of UO. The way the trees look and the thousands of items you can play width. Even though these player ran shards play around with that “feel” by adding new trees, items, horses or whatever it is, they still can be consistent with the original game and enhancing it from there. I highly recommend looking at some of these types of shards. It gives you a fresh look at UO that I think you will enjoy quite a bit.

If you want to see a list of common shards check out this site at It is easy to browse each one, discover what the differences are and every month the player base votes for their favorite shard. Typically, the more votes that are in means that more people are not only excited enough to vote for their shard that they play on but it also shows you that more votes means more people on that shard. You can only vote once every 12 hours that should give you some perspective. It also resets every month and every shard starts at zero all over again.

Product Review: Dyson DC14 All Floors Vacuum

Posted: December 14, 2019 at 11:48 am   /   Guide

I purchased my Dyson DC14 All Floor vacuum cleaner, or “cleaning system” as it’s sometimes referred to, because I was tired of my other vacuum cleaner not doing a thorough job of picking up dog hair from my St. Bernard and Newfoundland. They shed so much, and especially in the spring and fall. The Dyson DC14 All Floor is not cheap. I got mine for $499.00. Putting the price aside, my Dyson DC14 is the most powerful vacuum I have ever used. It sucks up the pet hair like nobody’s business. It has a long telescopic wand that I attach the crevice tool to that allows me to get into the corners and do a good job around the baseboards. The vacuum itself state that the “wand instantly releases and expands for easy stair cleaning.” This is true. It makes cleaning the stairs easy.

The Dyson DC14 All Floor is a bagless vacuum cleaner. The only drawback with this, is that when I empty the cannister, the dust and dander have a tendancy to escape into the air. This is why I take my Dyson DC14 All Floor outside when it comes time to empty it. It’s true that I save money on vacuum cleaner bags, but it’s still kind of messy.

The root cyclone technology truly makes this machine very powerful indeed. “The first vacuum cleaner that never loses suction.” I have owned my Dyson for a couple years now and it works just as well today, as it did when it was brand new. It is lightweight and maneuvers well, but it is not self-propelled, so you do have to push it a bit although the bosch staubsauger , a german model, has proved its mettle to give others a run for their money.

I use my Dyson DC14 All Floor vacuum cleaner to clean my furniture as well. It quickly and effectively picks up hair on the upholstery and gives it a fresh look when I use the upholstery brush attachment.

On a less positive note, the beater brush, as it’s called, (I call it a roller), gets thick with dog hair and is difficult for me to remove. Now, don’t get me wrong. It’s easy for me to take a small pair of sharp scissors and cut most of the hair off of the beater brush, but to really make it spin, you have to totally remove it, clean it, and then put it back on. This can be rather challenging because the beater brush, aka roller, has to go under the belt that doesn’t have a lot of “give” to it. But after a little fooling around with it, I can get it back together and working like new again. I also use my Dyson DC14 All Floor to clean my hardwood floors too, and it does a great job. The telescopic wand works like gang busters on the hardwood floors. I have never had any trouble with my Dyson DC14 All Floor vacuum cleaner. It’s powerful suction vacuums like crazy.

Another nice feature is that there is a toll free phone number listed on the actual Dyson DC14 All Floor itself if you have any questions. It says they are open 7 days a week. You can always go to Dyson’s website, if you have any questions. The website address is also listed on the vacuum.

I highly recommend the Dyson DC14 All Floor vacuum cleaner for anyone who has pets or simply wants a very powerful, well constructed vacuum cleaner.

Online Multiplayer Tips for Call of Duty 4

Posted: December 13, 2019 at 6:34 am   /   Gaming

The Call of Duty series for xbox is an amazing set of realistic, challenging, and entertaining games. While the first three games focused on battles during World War II, Call of Duty 4 takes a more futuristic approach. The single player campaign is truly amazing, but the game’s real selling point is the on-line play. Anyone who is reading this and doesn’t own the game should do themselves a favor and buy it. For everyone else who already plays on-line, here’s some of my styles of play.

First off, I would like to mention that I have over 21,000 kills (1.81 K/D ration) in about 5 days worth of total on-line play. My best game was a recent 69-11 effort on Bog while playing domination. In a game of Domino107, the kind of score you get depends on the moves you make. The first thing that has helped me gain these stats are which games I play in. After testing all the different styles, I have chosen Big Team Battle. There’s a few reasons why this will help players increase their kills and overall statistics. First off, your playing more people at a time, so there is more opportunity. Also, games last longer. Players will find the longest game is domination, which is where the opportunity for large kill totals is the highest. When playing, concentrate on accumulating kills, rather than overall points. The high amounts of kill points will certainly make up for the lack of capture points. Now that you know what games to be in and what to try, lets look at some tips to making this possible.

First thing is first. If your getting killed all the time, you wont be alive long enough to gain serious points. Be logical in your movements. Ask yourself, if I was really in this situation, would I do the following? Odds are when you answer no, the result will be your death. Also, give yourselves as many advantages as possible. Let your enemies come to you, and shoot for what you can hit. Don’t bust into a crowded room and expect to clean house. Pick a target, and make sure you eliminate him. If you made it through, move to the next.

Next is weapons. Don’t get fancy, be smart. Don’t expect a great layout to get kills for you. Stick with consistent weapons you know you can handle instead of flashy loud guns. Anyone who is using the assault rifle set can’t go wrong. Throw a red dot sight on any of those weapons and you’ll be fine. If your accuracy is poor, pick a semi-shot over an automatic. This will help you aim smarter. As for perks, pick what works for you. I would say extra ammo, stopping power, and martyrdom should help anyone.

If you feel running around blasting the other team is getting you nowhere, switch to sniping. This is where the impressive kill/death ratios are. Be smart, hide well. Be versatile, ready to defend your position with small arms at any moment. Here’s a trick I use. After securing a sniper kill, DON’T zoom out. Keep your cross hair fixed and zoomed in for a few seconds. When the opposing player tries to find you using kill cam, he will be at a loss. Additionally, use this to spot enemies who keep picking you off. Any rifle will do fine, I even prefer the standard starting sniper rifle.

Lastly, utilize bonuses such as recon, air-strike, and helicopter. If you can drop an air-strike in a good spot, odds are you’ll get the additional 2 kills needed for a helicopter. The key is knowing where the bad guys are when your drop those bombs. A little trick: don’t activate recon until your fourth kill. Now you’ve got 30 seconds to get another kill and bombs away. More times than not you’ll activate recon immediately, and your out of luck by the time you have your strike.

Give the game time. Find your own style. The more comfortable you are, the better your results will be. Have fun and don’t let me catch you in my cross hairs!

How Does A Virtual Data Room Help To Manage Bankruptcy Scenarios?

Posted: December 12, 2019 at 9:57 am   /   Web Hosting

Over the past few years, several corporate bankruptcies considerably surged due to the tight credit conditions and financial turmoil. The case of bankruptcies has increased, and that is why many companies are failing to protect them from it. With the recent changes in the laws, the process of restructuring and insolvency become more complex.

The virtual data room which is frequently used in processing the M&A transactions are now being utilized for facilitating restructuring and bankruptcy. It allows companies to manage and host many documents online. Their use allows many businesses to access the information in a completely secure environment. Have you ever thought about how VDRs help to manage bankruptcy scenarios? If yes, and didn’t get the right answer, then don’t worry as we will discuss every aspect in this guide. Let us talk about the facts below.

  • Facilitate and accelerate the process of restructuring

In the situation of restructuring, companies must have to deal with the multiple deadlines and procedures, as well as the documents are going to be reviewed by various parties. These might be in the form of the committees, the advisors, the creditors, court-appointed trustees, or the banks. Because the information is shared outside the boundaries and it becomes difficult for the companies to complete the process in less time. With the help of virtual data room, they can do the task with ease.

  • Reduce cost and limit risks

One of the significant threats to companies is about litigation. Therefore, they are not able to track the person who accesses that information. With the VDR, the cost of achieving those documents reduces as well as the risks related to it.

To sum up, all these are the aspects that will let you how the VDR helps to manage bankruptcy scenarios.

How To Increase The Strength And Speed Of Your Kick: How To Properly Shoot A Soccer Ball

Posted: December 11, 2019 at 4:33 pm   /   Soccer

With youth soccer leagues starting up just around the corner, there is no better way to get an edge on your competition then by perfecting your kicking technique. Through practice and repetition of the correct form, striking a ball will become second nature.

When learning to strike a ball, you have to keep in mind that you will generate the most speed and power, by using the front (or “laces”) of your cleat, pointing your shooting toe downwards, with your knee right over the ball, and your other foot planted aside the ball.For the best cleats, visit ThisIsAmericanSoccer, where you will be able to browse for the largest variety of soccer cleats for yourself.

A couple of common mistakes to avoid, is the use of the wrong surface of the foot. Many beginners first strike the ball with their toe, and although this technique is effective in creating a lot of power behind the ball, it does not allow for any accuracy. Another mistake often made beginners, is the use of the inside of the foot. And, although the inside of the foot allows for increased accuracy, by using this shooting surface, you sacrifice a lot of power.

The second part to correctly striking a ball, is to perfect your approach. You need around 3-4 steps before actually shooting to generate force behind the ball. When you approach the ball, it should be at speed and slightly from the side (if preparing to shoot with your right foot, come from the left, and if preparing to shoot with your left foot, come from the right) so that your approach is curved, and you can gather torque.

The third part to shooting a ball is learning to strike the ball in the middle. As you continue to play, you will learn that where you strike the ball will determine the flight of the ball. For instance, when passing, you need to hit the ball nearer to the top, so that it will stay on the ground. Likewise, by striking the ball in the middle, it will assure that the flight of the ball will be straight, not lifting too high off the ground, and therefore maintaining it’s speed and power.

The last part to correctly shooting a ball is learning where in the goal you should aim. Generally speaking, the best places to strike the ball, are the corners. When shooting against a smaller goalkeeper, aiming for the top corners is advisable, but for the most part, it is hardest for the goalkeeper to reach balls shot hard, and low, to the corners.

In review, when practicing your technique, remember to:

  1. use the top of your foot (“laces”), while keeping your toe pointed down
  2. approach the ball with speed, and from an angle
  3. aim for the middle of the ball
  4. shoot the ball in the corners of the goal

Keep these points in mind when practicing (it is helpful to practice your technique by kicking the ball against a wall, so that you can increase your number of repetitions), and you will be well on your way to perfecting your shot.

Balloon Sculpture- Doing Business Through Art

Posted: December 11, 2019 at 4:59 am   /   Arts and Entertainment

Getting everything you lay hands on in the toy store is every child’s fantasy. At that age, all they want is to play, eat, sleep and repeat the process everyday and they are happily content with no problems or tensions in life.

Balloons are also important playable items akin to toys that all the children love because they are very nice to look at due to their different hues and colors.

When we talk about balloons, we immediately envision them in our mind due to their variety in color and nothing more than objects of interest for small children but nobody thinks of it beyond that.

Can balloons be used for doing business? Are they such worthy items and so valuable that you can start your own business through them? Why are they viewed as items of no relevance and just not feasible enough for business or as a job profession?

This general stereotype exists for many other things with even people not being excluded from it. Stereotype is a particular image/opinion fixated in our mind regarding a person or an object that they become associated with it forever.

The topic for today is balloon sculpting, so let us first get to know what exactly it means. It is better known as balloon modeling/twisting/artist/benders and so many others.

Balloon sculpting is the art of twisting the balloons in various shapes and sizes and this technique can be learned through various balloon workshops that are found throughout the world.

For this you would be needing the two following items:

  • Balloons in an arranged and assorted manner and varied in colors in a sequence with given numbers.

  • An equipment used for filling it up with air as it would be impossible to fill all of them up by blowing it through mouth. Most common ones would be air pumps and compressors.