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Olympic Sport To Keep An Eye Out For

Posted: June 10, 2017 at 10:59 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

As much as we love to be able to play sports, the average Joe in us would rather watch the professional athletes or players do their thing while we cheer on the sideline; agen casino and other online games can also be watched by fans of supporters on the side. The accumulation of talented players from just about anywhere in the world would be the Olympics. But with all the games and sports airing, which one should you definitely watch?114586002_crop_650x440


Being able to watch professional gymnasts perform routines is not something that you get to see every day; sports like softball and basketball can be seen and played just about anywhere. If you think about it, whenever they do routines, gymnasts are like real-life superheroes. While they perfectly execute their routines, their movements can be compared to a flying in the air without a sweat, balancing on equipment you never thought would be possible, dancing with a song’s rhythm as they hold on to an instrument and more.1In addition to that, female American gymnasts typically steal the limelight in the Olympics. A great example would be Mary Lou Retton, it was an unforgettable moment when she was dubbed America’s sweetheart in 1984. A team called the ‘Magnificent Seven’ marked their name in history by winning the first gold medal for the US during the Olympics of 1996.  Another team, this time named the ‘Fierce Five’ back in 2012. If you’re in doubt if gymnastics truly is a sport that you’d enjoy watching, then check out its ratings, per TV By the Numbers; the popularity and viewers of the event skyrocketed during the second night because it featured the American female gymnastics team.

Everything you’d want in a sporting event is there: amazing highlights, touching stories, incredible athletes and pageantry through their routines.