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Making Money By Writing Video Game Reviews

Posted: November 26, 2019 at 5:35 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

Most of us love to play games but often fall into a dilemma when it comes it deciding whether the game is worthwhile or not. It’s not just about the money, for the dedicated ones, it’s about the time, energy and experience related to it. No gamer wants to get a ‘bad’ buy. After all, it’s not just for fun, it’s about having that ‘refreshing experience!

So, to play it safe many prefer to check out the review of the particular game beforehand and decide from there on if they should head in or out. As the gaming community rises in demography as well as the population with the updating technology, so does the demand for accurate game reviews, says Worlds Factory.

How do you earn money from it?

It might come off as a surprise but you can actually earn from writing some pretty good game reviews. There are several options in the market for you as a writer as well. You can either sell it to a platform that specializes in game reviews and recommendations and become a freelancer or even have your website or page where you post these articles.

It all depends upon your creative skills and the quality of the content you offer. If you work as a freelancer and bid for your work you earn as much as $30 if you sell full rights. Also, If you wish to retain the rights of your work, then you could sell them partially for around $5-$10. The more you grow, the more work you’ll get. IT might not be big in the beginning but having a head start is the most important part.

While this can bring in some good money but you need to have some great writing and observational skills as well as be really good at Internet marketing and SEO to actually get a head start. Be patient and keep working.