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Know All About Dedicated Server Hosting

Posted: November 18, 2019 at 3:47 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)

It’s always a nice news when you see your website taking off well. But, you will surely want to ensure that the hosting plan keeps up with that really great growth. If the site is being visited by more than hundreds a day, it can well be a time to think of upgrading to the dedicated hosting plan.

The dedicated hosting gives the site with many more resources in order to keep up with the expansion and of course, various other benefits are involved when upgrading to the dedicated hosting plan too. It includes improved security and stability, plus the chance to configure each and every element of the server.


There are too many kinds of hosting plans, and one may be wonder what way dedicated servers differentiate from the rest. The dedicated hosting simply means one is renting the complete physical server for the site. This server may be completely configured in order to meet one’s specifications. One can have more memory dedicated to the website, which results in the nice loading times.

The Pros and The Cons of A Dedicated Hosting

Now, let’s summarize the pros of choosing a dedicated hosting plan:

  • One will be benefitted from improved speed, increased security, and stability.
  • One will have thorough control over how thee server is configured.
  • Other negative sites can not affect yours.
  • One’s site will be given with too many resources so that it can carry on to continue over time.

Few cons are as follows-

  • This kind of hosting plan may cost you more than many other varieties.
  • The dedicated servers need more maintenance and technical knowledge in order to run properly. (though, this downfall canwell be mitigated by opting for managed dedicated hosting.)

The dedicated server India is out there for people who feel the need.