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How to Select an Online Gaming Handle

Posted: December 2, 2019 at 2:39 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

The act of choosing an online gaming handle is very similar to the act of choosing a name for your child. That handle, once chosen, will stay with you essentially forever. Your online interactions will be associated with your handle, others will eventually recognize you based on your handle, and changing your handle will have serious repercussions in your online life. The one major difference between choosing an online handle and choosing a name for a child is that you get to choose your own handle, instead of having it chosen by others. Thus, you are fully responsible for the quality of your handle and the reactions of others to your handle. You should check out situs poker online terpercaya for more online gaming handles. You get a variety of online games that you can enjoy with your friends and family. It is really fun and the games works seamlessly.

This last point is not something to be lightly ignored. When parents pick an awkward or comical name for a child, the child often suffers ridicule and embarrassment due to the choice. For example, boys named Tracy often suffer the stigma of having a “girl’s name” or girls named Moonflower have to live with hippy taunts for much of their life.

The same thing or worse will happen to you if you pick a poor online gaming handle. You should avoid choosing an easily mocked handle like Bed Wetter, even if it is just an inside joke with your friends. It will create a poor first impression with others you meet online. Also, as much as you may want to, you should avoid choosing a handle that brags about your accomplishments, like Frag Master. First, arrogance tends to create a bad impression. Second, if you fail to live up to your handle, you will be mocked mercilessly.

Besides avoiding an embarrassing handle, you also want to be very careful with insulting or bad language. Obscene handles are usually prohibited on most sites that require handles, so use of an obscene word in your handle can require you to choose an alternate handle in many situations. In addition, many online gamers will simply refuse to interact with you if you have an obscene handle. Replacing letters with symbols, like C*ck Sucker for example, is not particularly wise either. It is a well known trick that is generally looked down on by the online community and still shows that you intended an obscene handle. On the same note, you should avoid words, phrases, and numbers that have powerful cultural connotations. Numbers and words like 666, 69, “gay”, “retard”, and “hick” all have powerful meanings that are likely to anger or insult other members of your online community.

When picking your online handle, try to pick a name that you are willing to have for life. Roller Kid may seem like a great name when you are 12 years old, but once you are 30 you will probably wish the word “kid” wasn’t in your handle. Similarly, Father of Two could prove awkward a few years down the line when you have that third child.

The best online handles are those that are easy to remember, not particularly long or difficult to spell, mostly contain letters, and are descriptive of some portion of your life, interests, or character. Thus, good handles are phrases like: Sniping Buddy, Chinese Dragon, Honest Bob, Flip Kick, or Wild Heart. The one thing to be wary of when including an interest is using copyrighted material. No matter how much you may enjoy Battlestar Galactica, you shouldn’t call yourself Captain Starbuck. Just like curse words, copyrighted material may be banned on some sites.

When used on multiple gaming sites, your online handle becomes your identity and potentially a lifelong identity. If you become famous enough on Xbox Live, you can expect people to recognize you in World of Warcraft, just by seeing your handle. This can lead to a lot of very good interactions if you properly maintain your image, but it also requires you to wisely choose your handle and not sully it with bad behavior. It is possible to change your handle, but in doing so you will generally lose all acclaim and notoriety you gained with your original. Thus, it is better to choose a good handle from the start than be forced to essentially restart your online career when you realize your online handle no longer fits.