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Gather Vital Details About Strongest Weed In The World

Posted: October 26, 2016 at 12:38 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

Do you have inner desire of attaining quick relaxation after long tiring day? Do you want to kick off boring element from your lifestyle and would like to enjoy some happy moments? Have you ever thought of enjoying strongest weed in the world? Well, we can continue to ask endless queries regarding cannabis world but finding appropriate answers is highly tricky. When we discuss about marijuana, most of us do get excited to know about THC levels. Such huge interest in THC potency has resulted in professional growers growing strains with whopping THC percentage.

Definitely the list of strong weed is pretty long but here in our short article we will only mention out the best options. We have carried out deep searching at our own level and even got in touch with professional growers before creating the list. When you go through the list carefully you will easily come to know about strongest weed in the world and enjoy it without any worries.


  • Strawberry cough – Strawberry cough is basically a type of Sativa strain which can easily reach the level of 25% THC when grown properly. The name itself justifies the stain offering sweet flavor along with gentle in nature. If you are bit new to the cannabis world and would like to have a perfect start, just get this particular strain. The strain is so pleasant; it will always act as a nice to star. The strain will definitely bring smile on your face and make you feel happy irrespective of the tough situations. If you really desire to know about other potent Sativa strains, you must carry out bit of searching online and gather all valuable details.


  • Black Gorilla – Black Gorilla is a hybrid strain of two highly strong strains, Gorilla glue and bright berry. If you are really impressed with the catch name, you can simply imagine knocking punch it will hit you. The strain will lock you to the couch and you will surely have the most refreshing moments of your life.

We have only mentioned two important strains here which are good enough to win the title of strongest weed in the world. If you are able to find few more ones you can definitely add it to the list. Strongest strains are just awesome but they should be handled with care.

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