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Balloon Sculpture- Doing Business Through Art

Posted: December 11, 2019 at 4:59 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

Getting everything you lay hands on in the toy store is every child’s fantasy. At that age, all they want is to play, eat, sleep and repeat the process everyday and they are happily content with no problems or tensions in life.

Balloons are also important playable items akin to toys that all the children love because they are very nice to look at due to their different hues and colors.

When we talk about balloons, we immediately envision them in our mind due to their variety in color and nothing more than objects of interest for small children but nobody thinks of it beyond that.

Can balloons be used for doing business? Are they such worthy items and so valuable that you can start your own business through them? Why are they viewed as items of no relevance and just not feasible enough for business or as a job profession?

This general stereotype exists for many other things with even people not being excluded from it. Stereotype is a particular image/opinion fixated in our mind regarding a person or an object that they become associated with it forever.

The topic for today is balloon sculpting, so let us first get to know what exactly it means. It is better known as balloon modeling/twisting/artist/benders and so many others.

Balloon sculpting is the art of twisting the balloons in various shapes and sizes and this technique can be learned through various balloon workshops that are found throughout the world.

For this you would be needing the two following items:

  • Balloons in an arranged and assorted manner and varied in colors in a sequence with given numbers.

  • An equipment used for filling it up with air as it would be impossible to fill all of them up by blowing it through mouth. Most common ones would be air pumps and compressors.