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Trickster Online: A Free Multiplayer Online Game

Posted: December 10, 2019 at 1:44 am   /   Gaming

The basics of this game are as follows. Its 100% free to play! While there is a feature called Myshop that you can buy items from, it’s not necessary to purchase anything. There are eight characters to choose from. There are four female and four male. The female characters are a Fox, Bunny, Sheep, and a Cat. Male characters are a Lion, Buffalo, Dragon, and a Raccoon. Each one has its own special skills. The currency in the game is called Galders. You can get Galders from selling any items you pick up to the NPC’s or by picking up Glader coupons.

There are 3 different jobs for each character. The max level is 400. Your first job is what you start with. Once you get to level 50 with a TM level of 40 you can advance to your second job. You stay with that job until you are a level 130 with a TM level of 120. You may then begin your Third Job process. There are two different paths for third job. Pure and Hybrid. Pure means just that your staying Pure to your character. Hybrid means that you may choose skills from your male/female counter part. As in Fox/Lion, Bunny/Bull, Sheep/Dragon, Cat/Raccoon. If you are familiar with judi online terpercaya, you can easily get along with this game. This is because it contains amazing graphics and game categories.

Everyone in the game will tell you that a certain skill build is better than other but when your first starting out I suggest that you stick with that the game recommends. Once you get the idea of the game try out the other builds that are more common. There are a lot of quests to do in the game to help you level up. There is a party system in the game so 2-6 players can join together and play. Not only do you get extra experience, but you get a chance to talk with people of many different ages and countries.

There are different maps in the game. There is a Tutorial then you move Coral Beach and you start the game. Once you are around level 15-20 you move you Desert Beach. Desert Beach is up to levels 35-40. Coral Beach and Desert Beach are exactly like the sound, a beach town. You fight monsters like a monkey, octopus, and a duck. From Desert Beach you move on to Caballa Relics.Caballa Relics is designed for levels 40-60. Caballa Relics is an archeology type area. Some of the monsters there are Aposis, Chimu, and Stone soldier. After Caballa Relics you go to Oops Wharf. Oops Wharf is a Boat Dock area for level 60-75. There are many more maps other than what I listed that you can explore.

Each area has a Boss monster that you can fight to get rare weapons. To get to them you must pass certain tests. All monsters have a level range. An example is Coral Beach. The Boss monster is called Master Mong. The range to fight him is 1-30. But in this case you can also 300,000 Galders to get in to see him, if you are level 31+.

Trickster online has many different events. Currently they are doing a Poppuri Drilling Event. There are 8 stages and dozens of prizes including myshop points. Everyone works together to win.

Myshop is an added feature that is not required to play. You spend real money and get myshop points that you cant use for items like clothing, weapons, pets and more. But remember the game is 100% free to play, Myshop is only there IF you want something special.

The website for the game is There you can download the game and talk with other players.

There is also a fan site At that website there is a lot more information, including step-by-step guides to quests, and building your character.

I hope you enjoy this game as much as I do

Free Online Games Every Game Lover Should Try

Posted: December 9, 2019 at 11:51 am   /   Gaming

Looking for a fun, free, online game to occupy your time?Check out Evony!

Evony, a browser-based mmorpg, it’s a great game to waste a little time on, or even go hard-core with. Even if you need to step away from the computer for a while everything keeps running! It’s a PvP game, so you won’t get bored in five minutes attacking a computer enemy, although there are NPC’s (virtual enemy’s’) that you can attack and gain resources from if you don’t feel like attacking your fellow players.

Here are a few key points you should know about Evony:

Browser-based: You don’t need to download anything, so the game pops up virtually automatically!

MMORPG: You can actually play, chat, trade, and attack real players.

Free: Although the Game its self is free, you can, and at some point will probably need to, buy items for game play

Game time: The game will continue even if you log out. This means; you can still get attacked, loss your city, gain resources, and enter alliances even if you’re logged out.

Resource: Your resources are comprised of gold, food, lumber, stone and iron. You will need these to do just about anything on the game. If you run out you can always plunder a near by city, ask an alliance member for help, buy game points to trade in for resources, or just wait for them to build back up.

Alliance: Much like other online games have guilds, Evony has alliances. Many alliances will require a minimum amount of prestige to be accepted. this is a game where you will absolutely need a group. As soon as you turn around there’s bound to be another player scouting your city waiting to plunder it while you’re away. Alliance members can see this and come running to your rescue, other wise you would more than likely loss all of your hard earned resources and possibly your city. To enter an alliance either send a shout out on world chat or apply at your embassy.

Prestige: This is basically your experience points. The more you have the more you’ve done, won, built, battled, and achieved. Most alliance will require a minimum to join.

Cities: You can build up to nine cities. You will start out with one city and the higher rank you are and higher level your town hall the more “flats” you’re able to conquer, and once conquered, you are able to build a new city, but you will start out with the default amount of resources.

Buildings: There are 20 available building to erect in your city: Town hall, cottage, barracks, stable, market, inn, feasting hall, rally spot, academy, beacon tower, warehouse, forge, workshop, embassy, relief station, walls, farm, sawmill, quarry, and an iron mine. All of which are available for up grades and some have special things you can learn.

Quests: You can also choose to do quests that grant you extremely sought after items and resources.

All in all, this game can become very addicting if you don’t mind spending a little time on it. Everything you build takes resources and an amount of time (from seconds to days). If you’re looking for a fast-paced adventurous game, Evony will not be for you. It is a great way to spend a few of those free minutes each day though. I would recommend this to any player who just absolutely loves MMORPG’s. For more online games you can check out Judi Bola Online that gives you a wide variety of online games that you can enjoy.


Online Games – Great Free Games

Posted: December 8, 2019 at 12:11 pm   /   Gaming

I need to state right up front I am not a gamer by any sense of the word. I don’t do games a general rule. So why am I writing on online gaming? In answer let me define what I consider a good or enjoyable game. My idea of a good game is something that I can play quickly, don’t need to create an identity, I don’t need to read a fifty page manual on all of the hidden codes and instructions, and finally I can play it for the pure enjoyment of playing as a short diversion.

The door slams as all of the hardcore gamers leave the room in disgust! Let me tell you a little about my background. It should be noted that I have been using computers since Commodore 64 and before and cut my teeth on MS Dos and the Basic programming language. Even though I believe computers should be used for the exchange of information and education, I have noticed a new trend of late which I find absolutely great. You can check out sbowin for best and free online games. It is really fun and easy to play these games. You get the best in class games, you can even play online poker or blackjack games that allows you to win lot of money as well.

The old arcade games are being revived. There seems to be a group of programmers who are reviving the old or vintage computer games as well as creating some new ones of their own. The majority of these are being written in Flash and or Java. You can find games such as Pong, Battleship, as well as a wealth of others.

Here are the highlights of these types of games. First off you can find hundreds of these games that are playable online and for free of charge. If you are into website design many of these games are downloadable and you can put them on your own site. Depending on the game and the author they may want no more than a link to their site for this. As an example, I designed and maintain a site for our local Challenger Little League ( This site is primarily informational, but I wanted to give it something the hundreds of other little league websites didn’t have, so I put a baseball game on the site. The kids love it, not to mention that I have found a lot of adults enjoying it as well.

There are is a wealth of sites that you can go to play these types of games as well as use them for your own site. I would suggest you do searches on ‘Java Games’, ‘Flash Games’ and ‘Web Games’ or a combination of any of those. To get you started I have put together of some of my favorites:

1. – Here you will find hundreds of games that you can play to your hearts content. You are not required to create a user account or leave your email, so have fun. You will need to install the Shockwave/Flash plug-in for your browser.

2. – Another great site, all the games are programmed in flash.

3. – Another mega site with hundreds of games.

4. – This is a great site with the focus on games that you can play with your children.

I hope you find the above sites enjoyable and that they provide you as they do me a few minutes of enjoyable diversion. Happy Gamming!

Your Guide To The Hottest Celebrity Inspired Handbags

Posted: December 8, 2019 at 11:37 am   /   Home

Celebrities have their ear to the ground about what is stylish in the upcoming summer season and that makes them the perfect designers of not only handbags but many clothing lines to accompany those bags as well. Many celebrities turned designers have crafted some of the most popular handbag styles at a range of different prices. Here is your guide to which celebrities have created the hottest bags for summer of 2008.

With the rise of Sarah Jessica Parker and the new Sex and the City movie there has been a buzz about her stylish and affordable clothing line, Bitten, which was brought to us exclusively by the store, Steve and Barry’s with many locations around the country. SJP has crafted the most wonderful little handbag and clutch for under nine dollars! These clutches rival the handbags and clutches that are hundreds of dollars more and available at designer boutiques. This clutch comes in a variety of fabulous colors which will bring you through the summer season; whisper white, marsh green, magenta or raven. At the price, you can afford to buy one of each! This is why I love SJP’s line of bitten clothing and accessories.You can also look at Luxurytastic Replica review. This is where you get product reviews of latest fashion accessories. You can read about trendy handbags that are available in the market as well.

Victoria Beckham with the Label rock and republic and husband David Beckham has some of the hottest designs continuing into the summer season. Now, they are launching the dVb Site. Keep your eye on it for new bags to come just in time for the summer and fall season. is the place to look for all the upcoming trends from these style moguls.

If you are looking for more of a celebrity inspired handbag than there are many sites that offer a wonderful selection of quality bags that are in style right this second, and will stay in style with their classic colors and lines. offers bags from satchels to totes to hobos, in a wide variety of colors and styles that have been seen on the hottest of celebs all year long.

One of my favorite sites to shop for celebrity inspired bags is This store allows us to shop for the bags that we want at the prices that we can afford. I have found some great celebrity inspired bags on this store for as low as twenty dollars! You cannot find these deals anywhere else, and they truly are a fraction of the price. is one of the most up and at it sites for what it is in style right this second. They truly find bags that are currently on the arms of all the popular celebrities and bring them to our own arms. Delivery comes at a great rate, only $19.95 worldwide, and the site is very well designed, easy to navigate and brings some of the best quality hand bags that I have seen. offers discount handbags and has some of the best Marc Jacobs inspired bags that I have seen on the market in ages. There are also the favorite juicy couture styled bags, as well as guess, and other designers. This is a great site to see all of the current trends. offers tools to compare their bags with the designer bags that come straight off the runway and onto the arms of celebrities. These are some of the best designer inspired bags for 2008 because they are so similar. It is all of the styles that we want, at prices that are often lower than fifty dollars. Not only can you shop by style, or designer inspiration but you can also shop by size.

I predict that after visiting these sites, your closet is going to be full of designer inspired handbags that will bring you right through the summer, into the fall! Check them out today for great bags, at a fraction of the cost of designer bags.

Noopept Powder: Is It An Effective Drug?

Posted: December 7, 2019 at 7:18 am   /   Health

It is a nootropic drug. It acts very fast, and it takes no time for active ingredients to reach the brain and hit. It works well and improves the flow of alpha waves’ mind. Alpha waves affect cognitive performance. Also, this drug works with two chemicals in the brain, such as NGF and BDNF. All of them are available in the hippocampus. All these chemicals have advantages since it helps to improve long term memory and other abilities. Various studies have shown that the use of this drug increases the ability to have better motor activity. With a small amount for the short term, it does memory improvement using Noopept. One needs to check about noopept powder how to take before consuming it.

More effects of Noopept:

It plays a vital role in improving receptors of the brain to interact more effectively with neurotransmitter, also known as acetylcholine. This drug makes brain signals to move faster, and it improves mental clarity as well as performance.

It is nothing more than a chemical stimulant which stimulates brain neurotransmitter. It improves various mental functions like positivity, enthusiasm, focus, clarity, speed of thought, and memory.

Noopept Powder: How to take?

Noopept drug is very rapid, and its effects last longer. Within 15 minutes, this dose comes under effect and lasts for an hour. If you take more dosage, it will affect more.  One can find that the noopept loose powder is more effective than capsules by almost 10 minutes. According to some of the users, 30 mg of noopept powder can cause tremendous effects. It helps to improve performance effectively. For new users, it is advisable, to begin with, small doses. You should have 40 mg maximum since it will lead to side effects if you take more doses. You shall mix noopept powder with water and consume orally, or you may consume tablets or capsules with water. You should be very careful while consuming drugs like Noopept Powder with proper dosage to avoid its harmful effects.

The Mighty Thor: 1990 Nintendo World Champion Returns to Gaming

Posted: December 6, 2019 at 8:36 pm   /   Gaming

Thor Aackerlund won it all in the 1990 Nintendo World Championships, a national video gaming tour where players across the country went at it on a special three-game contest that included Super Mario Bros., Rad Racer and Tetris, only to walk away from the video gaming spotlight a year later.

Now the Carrollton, TX resident has returned to the gaming spotlight. As one of the featured gamers in an upcoming Tetris documentary film, Thor now stands at the top of the scoreboard on Tetris at Twin Galaxies and is listed in the Guinness World Records Gamer’s Edition book now in stores. So prepare your gaming shirts and get ready for its return.

Thor’s return to gaming started a few years back.

“It all started with a dedicated group of classic Nintendo fans graciously letting me come visit an Expo in 2008 as a guest,” Thor said. “It was pretty surreal, the first appearance I’ve made related to gaming in almost 20 years.”

The lasting effect of the 1990 Nintendo contest then continued for Thor.

“Shortly after that, Robin Mihara, one of the greatest competitors of the 1990 NWC also got in contact with the community, and it wasn’t long before a spark of inspiration turned into a full-fledged 2010 championship and documentary about classic Tetris,” said Thor. “I was a bit reluctant at first, but the quality and cameraderie of the players and those involved inspired me a bit at a time to get back into the game.”

Today, original Nintendo World Championship cartridges are among the most valuable video game collectibles in history, and other memorabilia from the once-in-a-lifetime event are also highly sought after. For Thor, his big victory came at the end of a long line of challenges.

“I never really thought about it. It was very surreal at the time, but the contest followed a period in my life that was really hard, our house in The Colony, TX burned down the year before, and my mother had an attack of ventricular tachycardia that left her very lucky to be alive and a very long hospital stay and rehabilitation period,” Aackerlund recalled. “In the end it was a small bright spot in the midst of a lot of hardship and transition.”

In the 20 years between gaming contests, Thor recalled numerous events in his life away from a video screen.

“I’ve become a father, which is the most important thing in the world to me,” Thor said. “Other than that, I’ve worked primarily in the computer industry. I lived in North Carolina for a while, but most of my adult life has been spent here in North Texas. In my younger and stronger years I was heavily into what is now called Mixed Martial Arts, training in Boxing, Thai Boxing, with a little bit of wrestling as well.”

“A catastrophic bike wreck nearly killed me in the summer of 1996, I was very lucky to live at all, let alone be able to see, walk, and talk again, so that was the end of those ambitions. I’m grateful for every day I’m given.”

Thor is currently participating in a contest by a local auto dealer to win a large-screen television by playing a flash-based version of Tetris. He is ranked in first place as of this writing, and is making plans for other video gaming accomplishments.

“My son is now 4 years old, so I’m looking forward to being able to get his help in some co-op games sometime soon!” Thor stated. “I hope he has as much fun as I always did with them. As for personal goals, I want to help represent the old timers from the NWC with a few decent Tetris records if I can perform well enough to honor that interesting and unique moment in history.”

Thor is also considering a trip to famed New Hampshire arcade Funspot during it’s annual tournament in June, with the record on the coin-op classic version of Tetris in his sights.

Save Money At The Grocery Without Coupons

Posted: December 5, 2019 at 7:22 pm   /   Shopping and product reviews

I’ve been trying to whip my budget into shape for a long time now. Cutting cable? That was easy. I’m rarely home to watch it Cutting the extras from the cell phone bill? I compromised on that one. But the hardest budget category for me to get under control is food. It doesn’t help that I don’t really like to cook. I would much rather eat out. But in an effort to leave my job to be a stay-at-home mom, eating out has got to go. And so do all the extras at the grocery store. The food I buy has got to count. Considering my son’s food allergies and special diet, our grocery bill is pretty high. But I found a few ways to trim it up so we won’t be spending extra dollars we don’t have to spare.

Never shop when…. you are hungry, tired, not feeling well, or just drained. You’ll be tempted to throw anything and everything in the cart just to get the shopping done and get out of there. Instead, try to plan your grocery trips early in the morning when the store is quiet and you are fresh. You’ll have more energy to shop.

Don’t bring the kids along. I know, this isn’t always possible, but it helps. I always rush when my little guy is along because he gets bored. And he wants stuff. All kinds of whining-like-crazy-because-he-must-have-it stuff. Food he won’t eat, toys he’ll grow tired of, and nothing that is really worth getting. If you can, shop without the kids so you can think and take your time to get the best buys. Consider trading off babysitting with another friend in order to get the job done.

Avoid the endcaps. That’s where all the impulse buys are. The high calorie, processed donuts, the gourmet jelly beans, soda, and kids toys live on the ends of the aisles where you – and your children – can’t help but see them. And those over-priced, money-grabbing items practically jump in the cart all by themselves. Walk right by and don’t give them a second glance!

Shop for single ingredient items. The more items on the ingredients list, the more processed the food. The more processed the food, the more the item typically costs per pound. Consider the cost of a bag of potato chips versus a bag of actual potatoes? How much more food can you get out of that? How much more filling is a potato verses a chip?

Buy store brand. I know I’m not crazy when I say I can taste the difference between a store brand and a name brand item. But when you put it in casseroles, stews, or other multi-ingredient recipes, the ability to distinguish the flavor goes way down. Just pick and choose the items that must be name brand, and the items that can get away with being a store brand instead.

Don’t buy in bulk. Unless you know you are going to use it up before it goes bad. Don’t make the mistake of using more of it just because there is more in the packaging, either.

Don’t use coupons. Unless they are for things you actually use. Saving $1.50 on something you don’t need isn’t saving $1.50 at all. It’s wasting the other $4.79 you had to spend on it in the first place.

Pay with cash. If you only use the amount of cash you bring with you, you can’t go over your budget, although you may have to put a few things back. If you don’t like that idea, bring a calculator and add up your purchases as you go. It’ll force you to be a little more creative and pick and choose what foods are important.

Make a meal plan and a list. Plan your meals in advance, and piggy back one meal with the previous days leftovers. Throw that extra bit of ham into some homemade split pea soup (dried lentils are super cheap!) or make wraps with the leftover chicken. This stretches your food and your budget. Make a list based on what you’ll be eating and stick to it. Plan to have a meatless meal or two during the week. In our house, we love breakfast for dinner. Making pancakes with fruit makes for a pretty inexpensive and somewhat healthy meal.

Budget for specials. I like to plan a little over and above my weekly needs at the store each week to be able to stock up on sale meats and freezer items for my home freezer. It’s great to have extra food on hand for company, or for when the budget gets extra tight. Stocking up when things are on sale will save you money in the long run, as long as you don’t go crazy. Rotate the foods in the freezer or pantry so nothing spoils.

Eat whats in season. Berries are much less expensive in the summer, but the price soars during the winter due to shipping costs. Eat what is local and in season to get the most bang for your fruit and veggie bucks. It is healthier, fresher, and it is good for the farmers (and local economy) too. For coupons you can check out Lowes 20 off coupon as well. With these coupons you get discount on your shopping and grocery bills all the time, which is a really effective way of saving yourself some money.

Helpful Tips For Gaming On A Tight Budget

Posted: December 5, 2019 at 7:30 am   /   Gaming

As we look into the mind of the 30something gamer, we are more often seeing a broke individual. You’ve probably purchased a lot of stuff such as devices, games and dota 2 mmr boosting services among others. The economy has taken its toll on everyone. How does someone fight back. Patience! This past year has been very trying when it comes to scrounging up money for video games. Even though I have felt perpetually broke this year, I have constantly had games to play. Here are a few tips to make the economy more palatable.

1. Take advantage of the demos that are available on Xbox Live. Throughout the year I have played tons of demos. Some have been excellent, but others have kept me from making mistakes on game purchases. Some of the demos give you enough of a taste of the game that will want to play them multiple times

2. Take advantage of a free Gamefly trial. You can get about a two week free trial. Make sure that you choose the free trial during a time in which you know you will have time to play games. Earlier this year I was able to complete Splinter Cell: Conviction and Metro 2033 during the trial. By the way if you like shooters and have not played Metro 2033; you must try this game. The atmosphere and story are very unique.

3. Find a multiplayer game that you enjoy. Although World Of Warcraft has sucked many people into its make-believe world, it still costs $15 a month. That is usually not in the budget. Find something that you only have to pay for once. I enjoy Call of Duty games. I logged way too many hours online in team deathmatch. The key is to find a multiplayer game that peaks your interest and keeps you playing when you cannot afford the new hotness.

4. Make sure your family knows that you are a gamer. They already know you and accept you, so there is no shame in letting them know. Ask for video games or MS Points for holidays and birthdays. I was able to get Alan Wake as a gift early in the year and GameStop Gift cards through out it.

5. Be Patient! Everyone wants the newest and greatest, but can you afford it? Wait a little while and take advantage of sales. This Christmas I was able to hit the mother load. I have a wonderful wife who loves me. Her and her mom went in together to buy me a new Xbox 360-S. It came with Alan Wake and Forza 3. With a new 360 in hand, I was able to trade in my old one and Alan Wake. With the trade-in I was able to get a cool Turtle Beach X21 headset that now allows me to game while people are sleeping where the 360 is located. Since I was smart enough to tell people about my love for games I received $50 to Gamestop and $50 to Wal-Mart since my family does not know video games. Gamestop had a buy 2 used games get one free sale going on after Christmas. I was able to finally pick up Mass Effect 2, Fallout 3 GOTY edition, and Assassins Creed 2. All of which are old in video game years but still new and exciting to me. It does not stop there though. I traded my Wal-Mart card to my wife for $50 and bought a year of Xbox Live on sale along with Limbo and Super Meat Boy. All I can say is wow. New games are starting come out again, but I am still enjoying myself playing great games.

There are a few tips to help gamers in this harsh economy.

YouTube – Videos and Music Video Everyone Can Watch

Posted: December 5, 2019 at 6:32 am   /   Social Media

Ever since YouTube was created in February of 20051, its growth and impact have been nothing less than phenomenal. Although sometimes surrounded by controversy, it has emerged as the most widely used video-sharing platform of all time and has become one of the handfuls of sites that define today’s internet experience. You should check out youtube marketing, where you can learn more about youtube marketing techniques and several other tips to enhance your youtube experience.

YouTube was founded by three ex-PayPal employees; Steve Chen, Jawed Karim, and Chad Hurley. When eBay bought PayPal for $1.54 billion in 2002, many of the early employees walked away with a nice chunk of change and looking for ideas for the “next big thing”. Drawing inspiration from “Hot or Not”, which allowed users to upload pictures that would then be rated by the site’s users, the three started thinking about creating a site that would allow people to upload a video instead of still pictures2. The rest, as they say, is history.

Spurred by an early investment of $11.5 million from Sequoia Capital from November 2005 to April 2006, YouTube experienced rapid growth. By July of 2006, they were serving over 100 million video views a day3, and in January 2009, they logged 6.4 billion video views in one month.4 Google purchased YouTube for $1.64 billion in November 2006, adding them to Google’s growing online empire.5

Although YouTube’s rise has been almost unbelievably swift, it hasn’t always been smooth sailing

There have been several lawsuits filed against them, most often involving claims of copyright infringement. Viacom and several other video producers have been battling YouTube for allowing users to upload copyrighted content.6 Others have objected to some of YouTube’s content as well, leading to it being blocked in China7, Iran8, and other parts of the world.

Troubles aside, YouTube has become one of the most visited sites in the history of the internet, and this trend isn’t likely to change anytime soon. The way the site is set up, it’s hard to watch just one video. Related videos are displayed alongside the one you are watching, and they are just a click away. It can be quite addicting, and many people spend hours at a time watching one clip after another. It’s all too easy to get into a, “just one more” mindset.

YouTube gives anyone with a video camera the opportunity to present their work to a global audience. Uploading and viewing videos are free, fast, and easy. No wonder they have become such a sensation, and are helping to define today’s internet experience.

Choosing the Right Quilt Size

Posted: December 4, 2019 at 7:11 am   /   Home Improvement

When you are making your own homemade quilt, it is important to know what size you want the finished product to be. Mattresses come in many different sizes and thicknesses, so a quilt that fits one bed may not hang down far enough on another. Here are a few things to keep in mind when choosing a quilt size.

We can purchase quilts from website with huge discounts.

Choosing a quilt size: How big is the mattress?

The first thing to consider when deciding how big to make your quilt is the size of your bed’s mattress and bed. It is best to measure the mattress yourself, but you can also go by the standard mattress sizes to get a good estimate of your ideal quilt size. Do you plan to use the quilt as merely a topper that covers the top portion of the bed or do you need it to hang down and cover the edges of the mattress. If the quilt must hang low, you need to measure the thickness of your mattress to determine how long the quilt needs to be. Add extra length if you want the quilt to hang down near the floor.

Choosing a quilt size: Allow for pillows and quilt patterns

If your quilt has a pattern with a designated center, you may need to adjust your quilt size to be sure that the middle point stays in the center of the bed to look fancy and attractive. Leave plenty of room to cover any pillows you may have on top of your bed. If you do not have an exact measurement, 18″ is usually enough leeway to allow for one layer of pillows. The best way to measure the exact size of quilt you will need is to drape a large bedspread over your bed when all of the pillows are in place. Use masking tape to mark off the desired length on the bedspread. Then you can easily lay out the bedspread and measure the distance between the masking tape lines.

Choosing a quilt size: Consider the quilt’s density

Consider how dense you will be stitching your quilt. The more you add to a quilt, the more the underlying fabric will shrink up. A good rule of thumb is to allow for an extra five percent of shrinkage from the length and width of the initial quilt size. One way to offset the shrinkage is to add an extra-wide border around the edges.

Choosing a quilt size: Wall quilts

If you are making a wall quilt, you have more flexibility in choosing a size. Measure the area where you will be hanging the quilt so that you have a limit on the size you can use. As long as the quilt will fit in the designated area on your wall, you are free to make it any size you wish. Remember that larger quilts will be much heavier than small quilts, so you may need to adjust the amount of support you have for the quilt on your wall.