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Affordable Server Solution From Blade Virtualization

Posted: January 23, 2020 at 6:07 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)

Servers are essential for websites and online applications today. Even gamers need to find services of rent your own Minecraft server or for some other games. But companies usually use physical servers to accommodate their cyber infrastructures.

In any of the crowded and busy offices of today’s business world, you will always find computers, printers, and file servers continuously working to meet the demands of the work force.

These components form the core upon which all of these document driven companies forge ahead in their drive to meet their clients’ and customers’ needs. Needless to say, it is imperative that these systems are totally reliable and efficient.

To cite an example, let us take into account a company utilizing 12 2U white-box windows 2003 servers that are rack mounted. The company utilizes these servers to cater to all of its network needs such as file sharing, printing, storage of important data, and emails.

In this kind of setup, several problems inevitably crop up. The infrastructure will become susceptible to crashes because of the many switches, raid controllers, etc., that can cause single point failures.

Further, space considerations will also become a problem because of the amount of hardware needed to complete the system. This tremendous amount of hardware can also lead to additional problems relating to cooling situations and heat management.

A very practical upgrade to this kind of setup is through the use of blade virtualization. All 12 of the previously described systems servers can easily be replaced by a single server through the use of virtualization.

The obvious advantage of this is that a lot of space is cleared up on the floor. Instead of needing 12 spaces to accommodate 12 servers, the company now needs only 1 space to accommodate 1 server. The company has just freed up 3 units of space that can be utilized for other uses!

The less obvious advantages of this blade virtualization include easier expansion of the server, a better and more reliable back up and recovery system for data, and considerably lower power consumption.

By using blade virtualization, the company can expand their system to accommodate their growth without having the expense of purchasing additional hardware. They will also be saving on the time and effort required to transport and install these very delicate hardware.

In terms of data back up and recovery, using virtualization enables the company to have virtual images of all of their servers backed up and secured in off location areas. Imaging of the servers can be done at intervals most beneficial to the company. Thus in the event of any crash or system failure, the company’s data can be recovered quickly and easily.

Since the company is now using only 1 server instead of 12, the power consumption of the server itself is greatly reduced. Additionally, the power needed to cool the server is likewise decreased. This will greatly impact the company’s electricity bills.

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