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Active Interlinking Tips For Your Blog!

Posted: April 6, 2017 at 1:09 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)

There is no doubt that interlinking is an effective SEO tactic. There are some great benefits of internal links, provided you do it the right way.

Some people know less about interlinking and therefore make some mistakes while interlinking their blog posts. There is no harm in doing so, but by making these small errors, your blog gets no benefit in interlinking too! SEO-Services-in-Panchkula

  1. Never Use “No-Follow” Tags While Interlinking:

The basic concept of interconnection is to pass the Pagerank juice to the inner pages of your blog posts. So even if some of your internal pages get un-noticed by Google bots, interlinking can help these boys find hidden pages too!

By giving “No-Follow” attribute to internal links, you’re wasting the chance of getting high PR ranks for your inner pages. Therefore, if you’re linking to any web page on your site, then don’t add “No-Follow”

  1. Use Keywords As Anchor-Text While Interlinking Your Blog Posts:

Mostly, webmasters use words like “Click Here” etc., even while linking to internal pages. This is because they wanted readers to know that this is a clickable link.

But instead, you can add keywords as anchor text instead of words like “Click Here” while interlinking your blog posts. This will surely help to increase the blog post’s ranking for the particular keyword. Try Singapore SEO services where they will handle all your keyword research tasks.

For people to notice those links, you can change your link color, and keep colors like red or blue, etc., to highlight only links in the post body.

  1. Don’t Stuff Your Blog Posts With Interlinks:

Everything has a limit. So does Interlinks!

Neither your readers, nor the Search Engine will like a blog post with less word count, but more links. So to keep your blog on the safe side, limit the number of ties in a blog post.

You can comfortably add around five interlinks for a blog post of 1000+ words. But if the word count of your blog post is level, then reduce the number of interlinks too!

Final Words:

Interlinking is not any SEO mystery. The most common fact is that people are too lazy to dig through all the posts in their blog and then to link them accordingly.

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