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“Variety’s the very spice of life, that gives it all it’s flavour.” ~ William Cowper.

True enough. The world takes pride in its herbs, spices, and flavors of all kinds. But we are not limiting ourselves to the zest that only our taste buds and nostrils can identify. There is so much charm in this lifetime that exceeds what our eyes can perceive, skins could feel, and ears to hear. There is even some discourse about sixth sense and the not-so-obvious common sense. Simply put, life is all about diversity.

Welcome to the world as G++ puts it – assorted and flavorful, just like your daily scoops of refreshing ice cream.


Our Writers

G++ is pleased to inform our readers that we live diversity to the bones. As a team, we are packed with so much variety it overflows. Thanks to Internet for the infinite space.

We acknowledge that while most people say same birds flock together, we believe otherwise. We differ in our gender orientations, fashion styles, countries, favorite foods, habits, and the list goes on. However, we are fused virtually by a common goal to write about the spices and flavors of life – some distinct, some subtle but all blends well in the right proportions.

Jut a friendly advice: Don’t finish our posts all in one sitting. As much as we love being your online book, too much information may cause your head to hurt. We pledge to bring you a mix of everything. Binge!