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7 Corporate Gift Ideas This Christmas Season

Posted: April 6, 2019 at 5:51 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)

Christmas is well known for gift giving. It’s easy to give gifts to your family and friends when you know them on a personal level. But when it comes to giving presents to colleagues or business partners, a little extra effort is given.

To save you time in thinking, here are 7 Christmas corporate gifts you can give at work that are smart, useful and unique:


Having small potted plants around the office brightens up one’s desk. It also cheers up the place this holiday season with a bit of green. Succulents don’t also need to be watered often making it a less troublesome plant to take care of. They’re also quite cute to look at.

Food Baskets

Baskets that include gourmet cheese, fruits, crackers and spreads are a favorite this season. They add to the festivities and are much favored than the usual fruit cake. Some baskets also include a small bottle of wine for them to pair off with.


We may already be in the digital age where all our plans and reminders are on our mobile phones. But there’s still that little excitement in writing them all down. Giving planners for Christmas is a great idea, especially when you have it personalized to carry your company’s logo in front.

Power Banks

In the corporate world, everyone is on the go and rely on their phones and tablets a lot. With a power bank, they won’t be able to worry about running out of juice. ain addition, they won’t have to miss any calls or messages when they’re out.

Coffee or Tea

Everyone likes a cup of caffeine to keep them on their toes during the day. With the cool season upon us as well, a box of quality coffee or tea is greatly appreciated. It’ll be a useful and tasty gift for everyone.


Paperweights are still pretty much useful especially when you deal with stacks of files at the office. They can hold down your documents so you won’t lose them. It also makes a great piece of decor on one’s office table.

Travel Bag

Travel bags are useful wherein they can be stuffed with laundry, underwear or toiletries. It keeps things organized when you travel or even just to store makeup or phone chargers at the office.

Most of these gifts can be bought in your nearest coffee shops, department store or even via the internet. For instance, for corporate gifts Singapore based, they are able to purchase these gifts online to save them the time of lining up.

Have a Merry Christmas with these gifts. Let us know which ones are your favorite presents to give.