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5 Top Factors Influencing Pricing Structure of VDRs

Posted: September 16, 2019 at 6:44 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

Virtual data rooms are online repositories for storing documents and their secure access and use. VDRs are common storage options for all types and sizes of businesses because they help managing business documents much easier. Different VDR services are priced differently for different business needs. There is no same price for two VDR services. Check out best data room reviews and select your pricing according to the needs of your enterprise.


Factors that determine virtual data room prices:

  1. Security

The pricing of a VDR service can vary depending on the security features you choose to have. Security features can include two-factor authentication, watermarks, audits, accessibility by user groups as well as document recovery processes. You can choose to have as many of these in your package.

  1. Document use and management

Documents need to be downloaded and uploaded from and to VDRs as and when needed. You can choose to include extra feature as uploading documents from email accounts. The cost will also vary depending on version controls, document editing capabilities and even search tools that you may choose to include.

  1. User access

User permissions and owner access to files in VDR is a sought-after scalable feature of a VDR service. The number of users accessing information in the VDR parallelly also determines the cost of a VDR service. Other user features include how users interact with information in the VDR, and with each other. Other user interaction features include Q&A, instant messaging, inserting comments and issue alerts.

  1. Report tracking

This is an important billable feature in case of a VDR service. The owner should be able to track which user accessed documents in the VDR and at what time.

  1. Integration

You can choose to have your VDR integrated with services like Microsoft Office, SalesForce, and Google Drive, albeit at an extra cost.