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Wushu Dance And The Kind Of Techniques Used

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The Wushu dance is not just some ordinary dance involving random movement put together by the next available dancer. The Wushu dance is a highly respected cultural dance that promises to bring good luck to the crowd meanwhile scaring evil spirits and misfortune away. Tons of professionally executed rhythmic actions and martial arts go with the entire performance. 14368426637172Wushu training would typically involved relaxed movements as well as the quick and powerful ones, all beautifully put together. Performers need to be properly associated with vitality, flexibility as well as speed; to know a lot more you can visit

Wushu Techniques

There are many styles and techniques that go in every Wushu dance. One would be the weapon-play and bare-hand style; they include tons of weapons divided into a number of categories. The other style implements the martial arts system. Another even involves the drunken fighting technique; those of you who have seen the ‘The Drunken Master’ film might be familiar.053104100_1433937009-Wushu-8

  • Southern-Fist: the Southern-Fist is also called the ‘bridge’ technique, here the person throws their fist in order to attack as well as block their opponents. The routine mainly involves powerful attacks using the hands, alongside steady stance work.
  • Swordplay: the swordplay is also dubbed as the ‘Gentleman of All Weapons’ because they use the exact same techniques used by a board-sword. The main difference would be in the control the performer needs in planning when and where they strike their opponent.
  • Southern Board-Sword-Play: the weapon used in this routine is an extensive and single-headed sword that typically ranges from the hand to ear when held. The routine implements quick and incredibly aggressive footwork, the same footwork that you would see in the Southern-fist movement, during slashing and thrusting at the opponent.

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