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Why The Company Behind Pokemon Go Will Rule The Augmented Reality Age Of The Internet

Posted: April 1, 2019 at 6:46 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

Rules on Internet: Pokemon Go Internet

Pokemon Go’s mobile game about pocket monsters breaks popularity records – this could be the beginning of a dramatic change in the entertainment industry and, at the same time, the end of privacy in its modern sense.

The Perfection

Millions of people around the world are patrolling the streets, storming parks, museums, cemeteries and churches in search of pokemons that exist only on the screen of a smartphone. In terms of the number of active users, Pokemon Go has already overtaken such Internet giants as Twitter and Tinder.

What sounds like a joke, and began as a joke: Google announced the competition of catchers “pocket monsters” on its video channel on March 31, 2014. On the eve of April Fool’s Day, the corporation publishes delusional ideas every year, such as the “toilet” Internet or text input with the help of pantomime. Regarding the android pokemon go hack this is important.

The catch of Pokemon with smartphones was also not taken seriously, especially the announced application functionality was superior to any created by that time and even today. In the promotional video, catching occurs with the help of gestures, the smartphone with motion sensors functions as a game controller. Participants compete Pokemon out of the water, beat off the attacking hordes, catch up with them on a bicycle.

It is possible that the corporation anticipated the release of augmented reality glasses (augmented reality) Google Glass, which at that time still believed in its success, with this video clip.

What do Pokemon lie about

Mobile application Pokemon Go, developed by Niantic and released by Nintendo without the participation of Google, strictly speaking, does not apply to augmented reality projects.

  • On this occasion, many copies are broken: skeptics say that augmented reality implies dynamic interaction with the outside world, while Pokemon Go interacts with GPS and Google static maps, as a simple navigator.
  • The digital content in the game weakly interacts with the objects of the real world: Pokemon do not get stuck in textures, but at the same time they appear to be larger or smaller or turn up in inappropriate places (the toilet is not the worst of them).
  • What to consider as augmented reality is an open question.

Transformation of reality

Despite the vagueness of the criteria, the augmented reality market is growing as fast as the Pokemon population. In the coming years, it will be massive.

Microsoft is testing HoloLens glasses equipped with devices for measuring speed, distances, tilt angles, and brightness of light, which allow you to perfectly fit virtual objects into space. If Pokemon Go were made for HoloLens, the monsters would hide under the tables and have to bend down to see them.