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Why are hearing aids so expensive?

Posted: October 7, 2019 at 6:00 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

Hearing aids are a pricey bunch. The average price of hearing aids can range from $900 to all the way up to $3,000. The high price quotient is a serious handicap which makes these devices unaffordable for many. The post below offers a brief on the major reasons behind the high prices of hearing aids today.

Research and development costs

The hearing aid is a continuously space which is often seeking to include modern technologies into the devices. Advanced technologies undoubtedly improve the functions of these device but they also hike up the price point. Today, you have cutting-edge digital hearing aids that are packed with many high-end developments. Not only the digital devices amplify sound and improve clarity but they also offer many additional features- like Bluetooth connection, streaming through iPhone, wireless integration and so on. All these luxury features play a great role in rocketing the price of hearing aids these days.

Overhead costs

Most of the hearing aids that you get today do not come directly from the manufacturers. The retailers and audiologists who provide the hearing aids have to pay a large number of costs in between and that hikes up the price point. They have to pay for testing machinery, rent, training, salary of hearing aid installation personnel and so on. All these fees are added in the total price point of a hearing aid put on sale.

How to keep the costs down?

First of all, it’s better to get a comparison study on different top hearing aids in the market before the final purchase. All hearing aids are not priced alike and the comparison study might reveal a competitive deal. For example, if you check hearing hero reviews, you will find these aids to be way more affordable than other existing options.

Besides, try to find online merchants that offer you hearing aid devices straight from the manufacturers. This way, they have to pay less overhead costs and you get to enjoy the savings.