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Five Popular Crypto ATMs That Make a Person’s Transactions Easy

Posted: October 22, 2019 at 9:29 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

Cryptocurrencies are considered as the currency of the future, as in the current time this system of digital currencies is gaining much popularity. And when it comes to Bitcoin it is the best among its category as it is free from the control of any financial or monetary authority and is even free from the governmental control Bitcoin is 100% digital and provides to the users a hassle-free experience as free from paperwork.

Why We Need Crypto ATMs

People hate the traditional ways of banking and transactions dealing with lot of paper work and physically accessing places, people are switching to net banking or digital banking due to this very basic reason to avoid paperwork. And when it comes to bitcoin crypto ATMs are also available for purchase of the same. Crypto currencies are getting a plus with these ATMs.

What are the different types of Crypto ATMs

A cryptocurrency ATM is a machine that allows a person to purchase bitcoin with the use of cash and debit cards. Some ATMs provide both the facility to buy and sell bitcoin for cash. Give below are the types of crypto ATMs.

  • Genesis1: This is a two way ATM which means one can buy and sell bitcoin through it, which means the user is facilitated by fiat money to crypto and crypto to cash can be easily done using Genesis1
  • BATMTwo: this ATM comes with a fingerprint scanner for AML/KYC compliance features for the users and this supports only one-way operations and can intake 500 banknotes and the cryptocurrencies which can be used are bitcoin, litecoin, dogecoin.
  • BATMThree: this is the updated version of BATMTwo and is based on android operational system, and also supports two-way operation so one can buy and sell crypto using this.

  • Santo Tirso: This too is a two-way machine and supports comparatively more currencies, like bitcoin,ethereum, dash and zcash, the note limit is 1000.
  • Sintra Forte: Cryptocurrencies that Sintra-forte supports are Bitcoin, Bitcoin cash, Ethereum, Dash and zcash. It is a one-way and two-way supported operational machine.

This basic information about the crypto ATMs is shared by bitcoin superstar.