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Ultima Online: Enjoy this MMORPG for No Monthly Cost

Posted: December 19, 2019 at 6:41 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)

Some say that you never get over your first love and I would have to say that is true for me when I think back about my first massive online role-playing game (MMORPG), Ultima Online. If you have played any of these games, I am sure you have heard or even played Ultima Online at some point. The game has an older graphical feel I know however this games packs 10 years of updates, trial and error and extra content. Occasionally, I enjoy revisiting this classic and seeing what is new however; I was not interested in paying $13 a month even though there is a good chance that my account has not been deleted. Perhaps you even sold you account as I did and really do not want to start all over again. May I suggest a way to play free that has the same UO feel but many custom features and updates that make the game even more fun to play.

Since Ultima Online has been around for so long, many talented programmers and designers have been using for several years the UO client for example Mondain’s Legacy. At that point, they start to make some additional tweaks that you will not find on the OSI shards that we all started out playing on. Custom made shards make changes to skills, skill gain, map and unique items. Some pleasant surprises were some shards even allow city governments and unique in game commands which makes contacting and finding other players much easier. It can be compared to situs judi online bola because there are a lot of players in this game so you will never run out of gamers to play and compete with

So why should you play on a player ran and created shard? Some of the changes you will find in a free shard may really surprise you. One concept that many have implemented is a city government. Each city has leader that the citizens of that city vote for periodically. They are in charge of the layout and future expansions of the city, organizing events and overseeing the general well being. One large difference you may find is that some shards do not allow you to place your own house. I was disappointed about this at first, however I see the benefit now. You can still customize the inside but this allows the shard creators to produce a unique city atmosphere without having every single house look different. Think of it as building codes, similar shingles and fences to produce a consistent feel. If you have a single story sandstone home by an 18×18, two stories home it interrupts the role-playing and aesthetics that could be achieved with these building codes. It also helps control the size of the city; it is much easier to find your way when the houses are not all 18×18 and two tiles apart.

Another great feature is a unique map and dungeons to explore. Not all player ran shards have a unique map since it takes thousands of hours to create and populate it however its fun to explore a unique place that no other shard can offer. If you do find a shard that has their own map, they may need help building certain undeveloped sections which is a lot of fun to play around with. If you have access to their build server, you can use all of their tools to build castles, place ruin cities deep in the forest. Wherever your imagination can take you. It is quite fun to use all of the familiar UO tiles, sounds, creatures, plants and every other item you have ever seen in UO to create your own, one of a kind world.

In-game commands also offer an advantage that I cannot miss in this article. Some that I am familiar with using for example is “.online” to see who is playing at that moment and “.playerradar” which pulls up a UO looking map to see who is close by. There can also be commands for communicating with anyone that is logged in which really helps if you are in a pinch or need a question answered. These commands are different for each shard but they allow you to be connected with the community faster.

Something that I did not look forward to is gaining skills all over again. I was happy to find out that many shards have tweaked this as well. Those tweaks allow your character to gain skills much faster and even passively sometimes. This cuts down on all those hours clicking a mouse 10,000 times just to GM carpentry. Some shards require you to find a master of whichever skill you need and train with him as part of an apprenticeship program.

I still cannot put my finger on it but I have always loved the “feel” of UO. The way the trees look and the thousands of items you can play width. Even though these player ran shards play around with that “feel” by adding new trees, items, horses or whatever it is, they still can be consistent with the original game and enhancing it from there. I highly recommend looking at some of these types of shards. It gives you a fresh look at UO that I think you will enjoy quite a bit.

If you want to see a list of common shards check out this site at It is easy to browse each one, discover what the differences are and every month the player base votes for their favorite shard. Typically, the more votes that are in means that more people are not only excited enough to vote for their shard that they play on but it also shows you that more votes means more people on that shard. You can only vote once every 12 hours that should give you some perspective. It also resets every month and every shard starts at zero all over again.