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Title: Becoming an Immigration Lawyer In Few Easy Steps

Posted: April 8, 2019 at 7:13 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)

Being an Immigration Lawyers opens a lot of opportunities and challenges for everyone wishes to be one. It specializes in providing resolutions in immigration related disputes such as naturalization and visa renewal mostly. They must be updated all the time when a new policies and changes in legal practice. Most of the Immigration Lawyers works with a firm and becomes a partner of it and many were also working on their own. What does it take to become an Immigration Lawyer?

An aspiring Immigration Lawyer should have a bachelor’s degree, a doctoral degree and state-issued licensed to practice law before they can begin practicing and becoming an immigration lawyer. Having a bachelor’s degree means one must finish a 4-year degree in the college. Also, it is recommended that an aspiring Immigration Lawyer should have a good grasp of other culture including its modern language. Next, after obtaining a bachelor’s degree, aspiring Immigration Lawyer should finish taking up a Juris Doctor Degree from an accredited American Bar Association law school. This is where specialization in immigration law will take place.

Obtaining two degrees is only half the battle. Once an aspiring is done with bachelor’s degree and post-graduate studies, they also must ace the bar exam to obtain license in the state that the aspirant intended to practice immigration law. Once an aspirant passed the bar exam, it is also recommended to join an immigration lawyer association just like the Toronto Immigration Lawyer. This is where the peers can help to expand your networks and eventually guide you as an Immigration Lawyer.

If becoming an immigration lawyer is hard to achieve, there are other related careers that aspirant can choose from such as tax law, litigation marriage and counsel with family law. Included in the possibilities are paralegals and legal assistants.