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The Nintendo Wii Jumps the Age Gap- Young and children gamers

Posted: January 6, 2020 at 8:47 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)

Nintendo Wii, the wildly popular gaming console, is unique compared to its gaming brothers born around the same time: Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. Nintendo has effectively crossed the ever growing age gap and produced a system that can easily be navigated by a 3-year-old as well as a 93-year-old. The controller or “Wiimote” is a sinch to learn, the games are very intuitive and playing with people of all ages is as easy as the swing of a tennis racket. The modified PlayStation controller will enhance the ranking of the players. New and creative methods can be adopted for winning the games.

I grew up a gamer. From the tender age of 7, I was introduced to Atari and eventually Nintendo Super NES. Once I gave Super Mario Brothers a shot, I was hooked for life. Barring the large “Nintendo thumb” I developed, I would play with my friends constantly. Eventually, Super NES was outdated by consoles like Sega and soon after PlayStation. By the time PlayStation came around, the games became a lot more complicated. My parents were not as apt to sit down and play with my sister and I. They were just too confusing. “Too many buttons to push,” my parents would say. I also noticed that young cousins, who came over to play, had difficulty, as well. This was a trend that didn’t stop there. The games for the new PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 are as complex as they come. It’s nice to dive into a mini New York City with endless play options and hours of hard work ahead for me, but it really limits play to hardcore gamers or people who are really dedicated to their gaming time.

In 2005, Nintendo revealed their fifth home video gaming console, the Wii. One of their primary marketing tools was the fact that this console was great for “kids of all ages.” I have to admit, I was suspicious at first, thinking this was yet another gaming ploy. Still, I had to get my hands on one. After long waits at the Nintendo Headquarters in NYC and local GameStop locations, I finally resorted to overpaying for one on eBay. Disguising it as a “birthday gift” for my fiance, I wrapped it up and couldn’t wait to get it home and play it myself. The setup was easy breezy and immediately, we were hooked. My video gaming skills have always been a bit more honed than that of my partner, but in no time he was beating me in almost every “Wii Sports”, the game Nintendo lovingly provides with the system, game. The ease of the Wiimote was astounding and it was a nice change to get up off the couch and put some elbow into it! After a quick tutorial, we were on our way!

The next thing I wanted to examine was how well people of different ages did with the Wii. We had a little family gathering and put it to the test. We decided on “Wii Bowling” as our game of choice. We coaxed people into our living room and soon enough, they were actually having fun. My mother and aunt caught on right away. With just a flick of the wrist and, of course, some aim — they were getting strikes! It was funny to see the hardcore videogamers playing with their parents and aunts and uncles and with competitive scores, too! Now we saw that the Wii really was for all ages, but wait; my 3-year-old nephew hadn’t tried yet. The true test! We put the Wiimote into his tiny hand and instructed him on how to use it. It took him maybe three throws and he got the hang of it. In no time, everyone was playing together. Ages ranging from 3 to 60! We had a blast. Wait until you hear about when we threw Guitar Hero III into the mix…