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The Dirty Little Secret Your Banker Won’t Tell You About Asset Based Lending and Asset Finance

Posted: January 2, 2020 at 1:05 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)

Can you blame someone for not telling you about a good thing? Especially when that thing is better than their thing! No surprise then that asset based lending is the dirty little secret in asset finance that that bankers in Canada don’t want to let you know.

We hate to burst their bubble… but what the heck; we’ll share that secret with you and touch on why it’s such a powerful non bank financing strategy.

To understand why an asset based lending solution is so different we need to understand what we are comparing it against. The comparison is of course an operating line of credit with a Canadian chartered bank. They are great, low cost, and run smoothly on a daily basis. If… and we repeat if… you can get one and get it increased as you need it.

Your ability to access a business line of credit with the bank focuses in on everything you probably feel isn’t necessary. You have assets; you have growth, so whats the problem. The chartered banks, in their wisdom allocate these lines of credit based on yes… the assets… but as importantly ratios, covenants, personal guaranteees and outside collateral. By the way, we think they do a great job of that… mainly because they are lending you my money which is on deposit at their bank. So all power to safe lending practices, and that’s why Canadian banks are some of the strongest in the world.

That’s all great say our clients, except it does nothing for us when you want to access business credit. That’s brings us to our secret – asset based lending in Canada and why this type of asset finance is a powerful working strategy. And could it be simpler. Not really. It focuses on the two things you have always had… assets and growth potential for sales and profits.

Asset based lending is the ability of your firm to borrow, daily, as you need it , against receivables, inventory, as well as equipment and real estate if they factor into the picture .

It supports you credit needs, and does not, we repeat , does not revolve around those other requirements the banks have, i.e. ratios, covenants, emphasis on personal net worth, outside collateral , etc.

Want to know an even more surprising secret. Some of the Canadian banks actually have small boutique divisions of asset based lending. In our experience these divisions don’t communicate properly with regular commercial bank divisions around what their offering is.

So who actually offers this type of asset based lending. In Canada it’s a relatively small handful of firms, some of which are U.S. based, and who have a tremendous expertise on the things you already have, inventory, receivables, and purchase orders and contracts. If you want licensed personal loan money lenders Singapore than read this whole article for more information.

Asset finance can cost the same as the chartered bank offering, in ,many cases it costs a bit or a lot more, depending on the size of your transaction .A business line of credit via an asset based line of credit generally starts at 250k and goes up to anywhere up to 50 Million or more!.

Accessing and navigating the maze of this boutique financing is difficult for the Canadian business owner and financial manager. Speak to a trusted, credible and experienced Canadian business financing advisor on why asset based lending is the secret you want to know more about. And why the heck didn’t your banker tell you about it sooner!