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The Best Workshop Drill Press – What Is Your Choice?

Posted: September 26, 2019 at 7:22 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

Do you own a metal workshop or a wood workshop? Do you need to put in a lot of effort in cutting through a piece of wood or a metal block? Well, there is nothing to worry about anymore, because we are about to look at a very handy device used for cutting holes through wood, metal and other materials. It is known as a drill press. Let us understand better about drill presses, their types as well as their uses.

What exactly is a drill press?

Steady drilling machines, unlike the hand held drills, which are used to bore holes into a piece of wood or metal or any other such material, is known as a drill press. It is used to drill holes, or enlarge the existing holes on a piece.

What can a drill press do?

A drill press can perform all of these following functions.

  • Drilling
  • Countersinking
  • Reaming
  • Counter boring
  • Tapping

What are the different types of drill presses?

  1. Portable drilling machines

These are the most easy to use type of drill machines. They can be used from any position or angle and can even be used to drill down tiny diameters. They are small and light weighted.

  1. Sensitive drilling machine

It is having a belt drive and a spindle head. The drill press is small in size. It is used to drill small holes into small pieces. These machines are completely manual. They come in two variants:

  • Bench mounted – Used for lighter applications
  • Floor mounted – Used for heavier, more demanding, larger applications
  1. Upright drilling machine

The spindle head of this machine comes with a gear drive. One can choose from manual or automatic modes. These are mainly used for drilling larger holes. Based on the type of hole columns, it comes in two variants:

  • Round column section
  • Box column section
  1. Radial drilling machine

This is one of the most powerful and versatile drill presses ever. They are usually used for larger projects, as they are highly versatile, flexible and can also be automated

These are a few major types of drill presses available in the market. Visit this site and choose the best drill press for your workshop. And use them safely.