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Pro Tips For First-Time Cannabis Homegrowers

Posted: September 30, 2019 at 8:50 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

Cannabis cultivation is at an all-time high of late. Are you too planning to grow cannabis at home? It could be for some extra cash end of the month through selling at recreational cannabis dispensaries. It could also be for your in-home parties with your gang. Well, whatever be the reason behind growing cannabis, there are some tips that every first-time grower should know.

Read and read

Before you set up your first cannabis pot, try to gather as much knowledge as possible about it. Cannabis is a huge world and there are loads of things to know about it. You have to understand the different strains, the proper soil, the nutrients your plant will need and so on. Join a cannabis grower community to enrich your knowledge and clear your doubts. If you know any cannabis grower, contact him for more information.

Don’t go overboard with the arrangements

If you think the ideal condition for growth is more nutrients and more lights- you aren’t exactly right. Nitrogen is essential for cannabis plant. But an overdose of nitrogen will only create a toxic environment and kill the crop. On the other hand, light is crucial for the plant for photosynthesis. But, excessive exposure to light may damage leaves.

You have to get a sound understanding of the exact proportion of lights, nutrients and other things that are required for a healthy growth of the plant.

Easy ventilation

Easy air circulation around the plant is extremely crucial for its health. If there is no adequate system of ventilation, the excess moisture will only lead to harmful mold growth.

Right time for harvesting

There are multiple factors that determine the best harvesting time for your cannabis plant. These are-

  • flowering time of the plant as recommended by breeder
  • color of stigma
  • color of trichomes

Among these three, the last two are the most important. The best time for harvesting is when you see stigma changing to orange and trichomes ending in amber.