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Online Multiplayer Tips for Call of Duty 4

Posted: December 13, 2019 at 6:34 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

The Call of Duty series for xbox is an amazing set of realistic, challenging, and entertaining games. While the first three games focused on battles during World War II, Call of Duty 4 takes a more futuristic approach. The single player campaign is truly amazing, but the game’s real selling point is the on-line play. Anyone who is reading this and doesn’t own the game should do themselves a favor and buy it. For everyone else who already plays on-line, here’s some of my styles of play.

First off, I would like to mention that I have over 21,000 kills (1.81 K/D ration) in about 5 days worth of total on-line play. My best game was a recent 69-11 effort on Bog while playing domination. In a game of Domino107, the kind of score you get depends on the moves you make. The first thing that has helped me gain these stats are which games I play in. After testing all the different styles, I have chosen Big Team Battle. There’s a few reasons why this will help players increase their kills and overall statistics. First off, your playing more people at a time, so there is more opportunity. Also, games last longer. Players will find the longest game is domination, which is where the opportunity for large kill totals is the highest. When playing, concentrate on accumulating kills, rather than overall points. The high amounts of kill points will certainly make up for the lack of capture points. Now that you know what games to be in and what to try, lets look at some tips to making this possible.

First thing is first. If your getting killed all the time, you wont be alive long enough to gain serious points. Be logical in your movements. Ask yourself, if I was really in this situation, would I do the following? Odds are when you answer no, the result will be your death. Also, give yourselves as many advantages as possible. Let your enemies come to you, and shoot for what you can hit. Don’t bust into a crowded room and expect to clean house. Pick a target, and make sure you eliminate him. If you made it through, move to the next.

Next is weapons. Don’t get fancy, be smart. Don’t expect a great layout to get kills for you. Stick with consistent weapons you know you can handle instead of flashy loud guns. Anyone who is using the assault rifle set can’t go wrong. Throw a red dot sight on any of those weapons and you’ll be fine. If your accuracy is poor, pick a semi-shot over an automatic. This will help you aim smarter. As for perks, pick what works for you. I would say extra ammo, stopping power, and martyrdom should help anyone.

If you feel running around blasting the other team is getting you nowhere, switch to sniping. This is where the impressive kill/death ratios are. Be smart, hide well. Be versatile, ready to defend your position with small arms at any moment. Here’s a trick I use. After securing a sniper kill, DON’T zoom out. Keep your cross hair fixed and zoomed in for a few seconds. When the opposing player tries to find you using kill cam, he will be at a loss. Additionally, use this to spot enemies who keep picking you off. Any rifle will do fine, I even prefer the standard starting sniper rifle.

Lastly, utilize bonuses such as recon, air-strike, and helicopter. If you can drop an air-strike in a good spot, odds are you’ll get the additional 2 kills needed for a helicopter. The key is knowing where the bad guys are when your drop those bombs. A little trick: don’t activate recon until your fourth kill. Now you’ve got 30 seconds to get another kill and bombs away. More times than not you’ll activate recon immediately, and your out of luck by the time you have your strike.

Give the game time. Find your own style. The more comfortable you are, the better your results will be. Have fun and don’t let me catch you in my cross hairs!