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Online Games – Great Free Games

Posted: December 8, 2019 at 12:11 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)

I need to state right up front I am not a gamer by any sense of the word. I don’t do games a general rule. So why am I writing on online gaming? In answer let me define what I consider a good or enjoyable game. My idea of a good game is something that I can play quickly, don’t need to create an identity, I don’t need to read a fifty page manual on all of the hidden codes and instructions, and finally I can play it for the pure enjoyment of playing as a short diversion.

The door slams as all of the hardcore gamers leave the room in disgust! Let me tell you a little about my background. It should be noted that I have been using computers since Commodore 64 and before and cut my teeth on MS Dos and the Basic programming language. Even though I believe computers should be used for the exchange of information and education, I have noticed a new trend of late which I find absolutely great. You can check out sbowin for best and free online games. It is really fun and easy to play these games. You get the best in class games, you can even play online poker or blackjack games that allows you to win lot of money as well.

The old arcade games are being revived. There seems to be a group of programmers who are reviving the old or vintage computer games as well as creating some new ones of their own. The majority of these are being written in Flash and or Java. You can find games such as Pong, Battleship, as well as a wealth of others.

Here are the highlights of these types of games. First off you can find hundreds of these games that are playable online and for free of charge. If you are into website design many of these games are downloadable and you can put them on your own site. Depending on the game and the author they may want no more than a link to their site for this. As an example, I designed and maintain a site for our local Challenger Little League ( This site is primarily informational, but I wanted to give it something the hundreds of other little league websites didn’t have, so I put a baseball game on the site. The kids love it, not to mention that I have found a lot of adults enjoying it as well.

There are is a wealth of sites that you can go to play these types of games as well as use them for your own site. I would suggest you do searches on ‘Java Games’, ‘Flash Games’ and ‘Web Games’ or a combination of any of those. To get you started I have put together of some of my favorites:

1. – Here you will find hundreds of games that you can play to your hearts content. You are not required to create a user account or leave your email, so have fun. You will need to install the Shockwave/Flash plug-in for your browser.

2. – Another great site, all the games are programmed in flash.

3. – Another mega site with hundreds of games.

4. – This is a great site with the focus on games that you can play with your children.

I hope you find the above sites enjoyable and that they provide you as they do me a few minutes of enjoyable diversion. Happy Gamming!