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Natural Hair Regrowth Techniques For Men

Posted: October 9, 2016 at 9:16 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

Many men nowadays suffer from excess hair fall due to stress, pollution, chemicals and whatsoever reason. Well there are many cures for that for example you can get a hair transplant but this is going to cost a lot. Another option is to buy some serums from trusted websites and manufacturers that will help you grow your hair back. Or else if you are a fan of natural remedies then you can obviously go for certain naturally remedies but the question is how. How to regrow hair naturally at home? We have the answers too!


One of the first things that you need to do is massage your scalp with your finger tips and this is going to increase the blood supply to your scalp and your hair roots. More the blood supply more will be the nutrients reaching your hair follicles and this will automatically re-generate your hair and make it grow back.


Also massage your scalp after applying oil to it. The oil will nourish the scalp and will generate more heat which will increase the blood flow to your scalp.  Even massage the hair when you are shampooing with your finger tips as this will remove the dirt and allow your scalp to breathe. Massage for 15 minutes daily.

Rub your fingertips daily for 15 minutes; this is an old yoga technique that is supposed to stop hair fall with visible results. You can do other asana too that will help in flowing more blood to your scalp.

Make a tonic out of amla as amla has Vitamin C, amino acids and flavonoids that help in the nourishment and growth of hair. Amla has been considered one of the best things from hair as it stops greying and makes hair shiny.


Take enough protein and iron every day. Protein will accelerate hair growth and make hair strong and iron helps transport oxygen in the blood. Without iron your hair won’t be able to breathe and generate more cells for it to grow. Take enough Biotin and Niacin as Biotin makes up a hair strand and Niacin supports hair growth.

Make a natural rinse for your hair with green tea, fenugreek seeds, lemon, amla or mint. These are all natural oxidants that are going to strip your hair off all the harmful things and nourish them.

Exercise every day and don’t take stress as these stop your body from positive growth and instead have negative effects on your body.

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