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Multimeter Facts And How To Buy One

Posted: January 7, 2017 at 12:19 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

Digital multimeters are very popular testing units for electronic gadgets and anything else that involves electronic properties like resistance, current, capacitance, frequency etc. You might want to buy a DMM to check the battery voltage output of your car, or maybe check if a circuit that you made for your school project is working out okay. No matter what purpose you are buying your DMM for, there’s always a suitable product. Fluke multimeters are pretty good, and you can check the online marketplaces for the best multimeter for the money. For a basic one, you shouldn’t need spending above $20.multimeter

DMM: What is it?

An automated tool that measures voltage, current, resistance, temperature etc. and shows the final result on a screen. It is called a multimeter because an ammeter, a voltmeter and an ohmmeter is combined into one setup. Some DMMs combine a lot more than that – for example, some DMMs can measure some complex frequency right on board, and they cost very high. Those are intended for researchers, apprentices and regular professionals are would just be fine with the regular DMMs.

Why a DMM should be used?

For accurate valuation. Depending on where you are using your DMM, the voltage input and output ranges could be different. For example, if you own a DMM to assess the battery voltage levels, you would only check if the output is above 12 volts or 24 volts, depending on what vehicle you have and the battery size. Checking other aspects like a fuse, or a short circuit etc. are also easier with a DMM.multimeter

How to use a DMM?

Just put the red pole on the positive node of the circuit and ground the DMM by touching the black pole to the circuit’s ground. You need to have some basic knowledge on circuitry. Make sure the DMM is set to the accurate mode, and if your DMM has a range selector you might have to use that as well.


These are basic knowledge you need to know to buy and operate a multimeter.

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