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Memo For A Happy Relationship

Posted: December 27, 2018 at 4:38 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)

Every person appears on our way of life for a reason. From any relationship, we can take out something very important for ourselves. There are partners – teachers, they help us gain new skills and become stronger, and someone makes us better, kinder and more vulnerable.  The relationship starters blog helps you regarding this. The secret of happy relationships lies in the desire to give your partner more than you take, to demand in return. Let your thoughts flow in the direction: “What can I do for you?”

Do not fight, fight for relationships

The right person will always enter life easily. Work should be applied only to maintain the already established relationship. It is foolish to throw a bunch of firewood into a chilled hearth, it is better to gradually throw it into a smoldering one.

Manage to change. Life is like an escalator that goes down. It is worth stopping and … Continuous development, work on yourself will support your self-confidence and interest in your personality.

Remember the 5 basic criteria for good relationships: mutual respect, mutual understanding, mutual trust, mutual assistance and common interests. Important: a happy relationship can be built only with the presence of this “mutual”

Remember that resentment is a childish feeling, arising largely from helplessness from the

fact that someone does not want to dance to my tune. But it is worth asking yourself: do I want to dance to someone else’s tune, or do I still have the right to my opinion, my feelings, I have the right to disagree with what I don’t want, etc. Immediately it will be easier to forgive when you can endow your partner with this right.

The desire to prove their case destroyed more than one hundred families. Remember this annoying question: do you want to be right or happy? Rightness is a very relative concept … Really all the same, “its own bell tower” and let everyone look with his own, but peacefully. The main thing about which you can not remain silent is your feelings.

The most important skill in a relationship, in my opinion, is the ability to express admiration, gratitude and the desire to relax (calm) a partner. These are the stones from which trust is built, love and motivation become better.