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Lower Your Calling Costs With Effective Systems

Posted: September 13, 2016 at 3:32 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)

As a business owner if there is one thing that you need to focus on, it is ensuring that you maximize your revenues by saving on your costs. One of the major expenses for organizations across the globe is the cost of calls. While traditional telephones turn out to be very expensive. One of the most effective solutions that you can opt in for to lower your calling costs is investing in avaya business phones. While a number of business owners believe that VoIP systems are not reliable, here are a few reasons why avaya business phones are the best systems that you can invest in for better business.

There are many benefits of using avaya business phones. Some of the benefits are listed below:


One of the biggest advantages of using avaya business phones is the cost. The biggest saving is on international calls. Moving away from the traditional telephone device, phone calls become a less expensive. With voice now traveling over the internet, the cost of international calls will go down considerably. Using VoIP also reduces the cost on manpower, equipment and maintenance as well. With voice and data integrated into a single network, there is very little involved in terms of maintenance and overhead costs. There are no costs involved for setting up the system as well.


Easy To Handle:

One of the best things about avaya business phones is that they are very easy to handle. While traditional telephones requires your employees to hold the receiver in their hands while taking to customers, with avaya business phones they can converse with them using headphones which leaves their hands free. They can use their hands to access the computer system which enables them to answer customer queries a lot faster without having to place them on hold to access information.

More Calls:

While manual calling requires your employees to manually dial numbers in order to speak to customers, the avaya business phones automatically dial numbers. This helps to save time which helps employees handle more calls on a daily basis. Since this system is so user friendly, employees learn how to use it in no time and this helps them to work more efficiently.


As an employer, if there is one thing that you need from your employees it is that they deliver maximum work on a regular basis. With the avaya business phones, you can monitor how many calls they handle on a regular basis. You can allot each employee with a certain number of calls and you can also see which employee managed to handle the calls and which ones didn’t.


Another major advantage of adopting the VoIP system is the portability of the system. You can use the system even when you are traveling. You don’t need a telephone line. All you need is avaya business phones and an internet connection. This will help you be in touch with your business and your clients at all times. This is the biggest advantage to keep the business successful and constantly growing.

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