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Helpful Tips For Gaming On A Tight Budget

Posted: December 5, 2019 at 7:30 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

As we look into the mind of the 30something gamer, we are more often seeing a broke individual. You’ve probably purchased a lot of stuff such as devices, games and dota 2 mmr boosting services among others. The economy has taken its toll on everyone. How does someone fight back. Patience! This past year has been very trying when it comes to scrounging up money for video games. Even though I have felt perpetually broke this year, I have constantly had games to play. Here are a few tips to make the economy more palatable.

1. Take advantage of the demos that are available on Xbox Live. Throughout the year I have played tons of demos. Some have been excellent, but others have kept me from making mistakes on game purchases. Some of the demos give you enough of a taste of the game that will want to play them multiple times

2. Take advantage of a free Gamefly trial. You can get about a two week free trial. Make sure that you choose the free trial during a time in which you know you will have time to play games. Earlier this year I was able to complete Splinter Cell: Conviction and Metro 2033 during the trial. By the way if you like shooters and have not played Metro 2033; you must try this game. The atmosphere and story are very unique.

3. Find a multiplayer game that you enjoy. Although World Of Warcraft has sucked many people into its make-believe world, it still costs $15 a month. That is usually not in the budget. Find something that you only have to pay for once. I enjoy Call of Duty games. I logged way too many hours online in team deathmatch. The key is to find a multiplayer game that peaks your interest and keeps you playing when you cannot afford the new hotness.

4. Make sure your family knows that you are a gamer. They already know you and accept you, so there is no shame in letting them know. Ask for video games or MS Points for holidays and birthdays. I was able to get Alan Wake as a gift early in the year and GameStop Gift cards through out it.

5. Be Patient! Everyone wants the newest and greatest, but can you afford it? Wait a little while and take advantage of sales. This Christmas I was able to hit the mother load. I have a wonderful wife who loves me. Her and her mom went in together to buy me a new Xbox 360-S. It came with Alan Wake and Forza 3. With a new 360 in hand, I was able to trade in my old one and Alan Wake. With the trade-in I was able to get a cool Turtle Beach X21 headset that now allows me to game while people are sleeping where the 360 is located. Since I was smart enough to tell people about my love for games I received $50 to Gamestop and $50 to Wal-Mart since my family does not know video games. Gamestop had a buy 2 used games get one free sale going on after Christmas. I was able to finally pick up Mass Effect 2, Fallout 3 GOTY edition, and Assassins Creed 2. All of which are old in video game years but still new and exciting to me. It does not stop there though. I traded my Wal-Mart card to my wife for $50 and bought a year of Xbox Live on sale along with Limbo and Super Meat Boy. All I can say is wow. New games are starting come out again, but I am still enjoying myself playing great games.

There are a few tips to help gamers in this harsh economy.