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Expert tips to maintain shoe insoles

Posted: September 30, 2019 at 9:34 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

Your shoe insoles demand timely maintenance as much your shoes call for proper care. A lot of people do take care of the external part of the footwear.  But it’s the interior insert that gets neglected most of the times. Don’t forget, it’s the insole that provides the required cushioning and comfort to your feet. If they are not in order, it’s your own feet that are going to be affected the most. The post below offers a brief on maintenance of your best insoles.

Wash them regularly

The shoe insoles need regular cleansing at timely intervals. You would just need a bucket of warm water and mild detergent to do the cleaning job. Make sure to scrub the dirty and stained areas with a soft scrubbing brush. However, you should not, ever, soak the insoles directly into water. And be gentle with scrubbing. You may put slight pressure on the stained areas. If you have got leather insoles, you would have to use a small clean towel for scrubbing.

After you are done with scrubbing, you will wash the insoles in normal water. Then, you will have to dry them before getting them inside your sneakers. But, don’t keep the insoles under the sun as it will only damage them. Get a large towel and place the insoles on them. Then, keep them under a cool shade. You will have to let them rest under the shade for minimum 24 hours.

Baking soda to fight odors

If you have ended up with nasty smelling insoles, don’t worry- baking soda will come to your rescue. Just spread the soda mix in a layer over the insoles and then keep them on a large paper faced up. Leave it overnight and the soda will dry up in the morning. So, after you wake up next morning, simply shake off the powdered soda and put the insoles inside your shoes.