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Eve Online Ship Guides – the Civilian Shuttles

Posted: December 20, 2019 at 2:17 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)

This article will cover the 4 racial civilian shuttles (‘Amarr Civilian Shuttle’, ‘Gallente Civilian Shuttle’, ‘Caldari Civilian Shuttle’, ‘Minmitar Civilian Shuttle’) The shuttles primary use is for ferrying capsuleers from one place to the other, allowing them to move several ships to a single location without loading them inside of a freighter. Shuttles are sold in almost every station in Eve Online, with the rare exeptioin being some stations in 0 security space. Generally they cost in the area of 10 to 20 thousand Isk. There is one shuttle that exists in the game that is a special exception to this commonality, and that is the incredibly rare Jovian shuttle.

Click here for a gallery of the 4 shuttles.

All four racial shuttles share the same attributes (except armor resistances and sensor types), varying only in the visual appearance of each shuttle. The Amarr shuttle is tan in color, with the exception of exposed wiring beneath its armor plates, shaped like a half oval, with wing tips at the end and a handful of sensor towers sticking out from both the front and back, the black cockpit nestled directly in the center. The Caldari shuttle carries the typical grey armor plating and rigid design of most Caldari ships, with 3 thrusters and a sensor tower on each wing, the hooked tip, black cockpit sits front and center. The Gallente shuttle poses an orange and silver armor plating style, uncommon of other Gallente vessels, with two y shaped wings attached to a streamlined center body; the Gallente shuttle has a glowing blue cockpit at the front of the vessel and a row of miniature thrusters at the opposite end. The Minmitar shuttle has an H shape from the top down, possessing two pairs of solar paneled wings and a slew of front facing sensor towers coming from the wing edges, the cockpit sits nestled within the core of the brown hued armored body of the shuttle.

As for fitting, all shuttles posses a base of 150 cpu, 25 powergrid and 1 calibration, however none of them poses rig slots or any of the three tiered power slots, meaning none of the shuttles are capable of fitting custom equipment. They all have 16 structure, 195 armor, 235 shield and 250 capacitor with a 375s recharge time. Another important shared attribute is a max velocity of 500m/s and 10 m3 of cargo space. The differing qualities of sensor type and armor resistances are as follows (order of resistances are Em/Exp/Kin/Thrm) ; Caldari – Strength 7 Gravimetric 50/10/25/45, Gallente – Strength 6 Magnetometric 50/10/35/35, Minmitar – Strength 5 Ladar 60/10/25/35, Amarr – Strength 6 50/20/25/35.

Shuttles are sometimes used for moving small items like skill books or blueprints, as a lot can fit in a very small space. Another role for shuttles is commonly to run small blockades and act as scouts behind enemy lines, since even though they cannot fit warp stabilizers, knowledgeable pilots can use their maneuverability to avoid ever being scrambled in the first place. Many manufacturers also start out producing shuttles, given the convenience in being one of the few heavily in demand items that requires on Tritanium to produce. Overall while civilian shuttles are by no means a threat, or the most capable in any department of ship role, they are the most abundant vessels in the markets of eve, any eve player is guaranteed to burn through a decent amount of these in their lifetimes, making them a key part of Eve Online. As you are enjoying Eve online you can play poker and other card games on Situs Judi Online as well.