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Cowhide Rugs 101 – Vital Information you must know

Posted: January 16, 2020 at 12:15 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

Before you look for a grey cowhide rug dining room decor or one for your living room, it’s important to know the essential info about it first. Learn how it is produced, and if it’s eco-friendly or not. Also, there are some controversies surrounding cowhide rugs your mind should clear before buying.

What you must know about Cowhide Rugs before buying

As it name tells, cowhide rugs are skin and hair of cows which are usually by-products of cows used for their meat. These are complete skin which are cured using certain tanning methods, and may retain the original markings of the source cow. However, some cowhide rugs are colored with dye, and some patterns and markings may be applied.

After removing complete skin from a cow, it’s cured for about a couple of weeks to remove odors and prevent molds. This is done by salting and washing the skin thoroughly. Then, the tanning method takes place, which is either with the use of chrome or vegetable oil.

Chrome tanning involves the use of artificial chemicals which is harmful to the environment, but is much faster than the other method. On the other hand, vegetable oil tanning takes up to 6 months, but is much safer than using chrome.

Now, here’s the controversy. There are people who oppose killing of any animals for human consumption, which certainly includes usage of animal by-products for leather production. That’s understandable since they also hold their principles.

But there are more than 56 million animals slaughtered each year for meat and other purposes. Instead of simply discarding their skin, the leather industry puts hides on good use. That’s creatively solving what could been an additional garbage problem.

If you think cowhide rugs look cool, then you must buy the best one for your home today. However, carefully consider size, color, design and shape to make sure it matches the room where you ought to place it.