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Contact Lens: What Will Happen If You Sleep With Contact Lens

Posted: August 23, 2019 at 4:03 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)

Wearing a contact lens has many advantages that can make your eyes look distinct and look nice. Or it can be helpful to someone with a vision problem. There are a lot of different kinds of contact lenses that can be used as cosmetics or to improve your eye vision. The Colored contact lenses like yellow contacts that are most expensive and easy to break. So make sure you’re using contact lenses that made of high quality. Furthermore, some contact lenses can also be used during the day. Besides, there are also contact lenses intended for night use. However, there’s a danger or risk of having a contact lens at night. Such as you may fall asleep with your contact lens not removed. Because It may cause infections or health issues. Or it may be the reason for losing your eyesight. Here are some bad effects of having a contact lens when you sleep.

Cornea Needs Access To Air To Obtain Oxygen

When you use contact lenses that are made of not breathable plastic material. It can cause some problems in your cornea. Since it is the transparent cover of the eyeball that protects from dust or unnecessary elements. It needs oxygen to circulate the blood fluently into your veins and to keep it healthy. Just like the other parts of the body, that need oxygen to survive. Furthermore using contact lenses can reduce the amount of air need by the veins. It can cause a problem in the part of the eye, perhaps the eye’s part won’t operate to its complete potential. Also, when you sleep, you may experience a drop in corneal oxygen because your eyes are closed.

Sleeping with Contact Lens Can Cause Eye Infections

Without enough oxygen access in the veins to the eyes. The cornea will begin to swell and grow bigger. This effect is called keratitis, which indicates damage and alteration to the eyes. The infection causes small gaps that start to appear across the surface of the eyes. That’s the symptom you want medication to be given so it won’t get severe. Furthermore, if the virus has been pass through in the protective layer. You are in a bad situation, because it may influence other veins or sections of the eye. That may cause your eyesight to be lost.

Doesn’t Matter If You Sleep Too Long Or Short Time

The time of sleep doesn’t matter if you still have a contact lens in your eye. Some people probably keep the contact lens while sleeping. Because they did it many times. But you will take a risk of having an infection or causing damage. Furthermore, every time your eyes are shut. It can increase the enlargement and swell of the cornea. Since it is the cover of the eyes that protect from the unnecessary elements. it is a sensitive part of the eye, that contact lens can easily scratch or break the part.  Regardless if you sleep 20 mins or 1hr. it still can cause harm and infection on your eye parts.