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Common Mistakes To Avoid When It Is Your Home Page

Posted: June 20, 2017 at 7:46 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

The most crucial part of website development is requirement analysis. And this is what we do. We review clients’ requirements and suggest them what will work right for them and how to put the solutions right into a website.

While we review the websites, we get to see a lot of mistakes done commonly by people. And the case is even worst when I see them making those mistakes in their home page.

Not Telling Clearly What your Business is About 001_web-design

Toronto web design company have often seen websites not depicting the right information/message in front of the audience, what the site is basically about. Home Page is the fist page where a visitor lands, so you must tell him/her clearly about the purpose of your website. Again, if someone visiting a website for the first time, he/she should know whether they are in the right place or not. Home page is the one that includes most relevant information and should convey clear message. It should have most basic architecture when it comes to position, size or using contrast in tone and color of the design. Home page is not just about using all elements to make it attractive and to force visitors to stay on the page. Needless to mention, if visitors don’t find clearly about the website, you will have the risk of losing people even though page is designed extraordinarily attractive.static-design

  • Telling Everything Except ‘What You Do’
  • In a very simple manner tell your visitors what you do. Just say;
  • What you do
  • What services you offer
  • Who will be benefited by your services

You do need to include a welcome note on the page. Why? Because if a website is there on the web, it’s only motive is to call people on the site. This means they are already welcomed.