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Choose To Paint Your Bathroom Vanity In The Right Way

Posted: March 31, 2019 at 10:47 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

Bathroom Vanity is the most attractive piece of the cabinet that every bathroom should have one. Vanity facilitates to store various things, accessories, and materials that want to present in the bathroom. The functionality of vanity is much more and meanwhile plenty of vanities available. You can choose based on the price, size and then approaches you desired for.

The bathroom vanities need to stand unique in order to offer a beautiful look. That’s why you sought-after to paint vanity in the proper way. Certainly bathroom areas require painting in a different way more or less than other parts of the home. In the same way, you peep paint bathroom vanity in the obvious precise way. Look underneath to know about bathroom vanity painting.

Steps follow while painting bathroom vanity:

  • Bathroom vanity has various attachments such as doors, drawers, and many more. You first ought to detach all the things utterly from the cabinet.
  • Make use of dish wash or cleanser to take away dirt and debris present in the vanity. You must clean the cabinets for two times and wait until it dry

  • Put a plastic cover or cloth to safeguard space around the vanity from paint spills. Likewise, you have to wrap the spots of modern vanities you will secure including vanity top, corner and other.
  • Spray wood putty at first and then choose sandpaper or putty knife to notice the flaws part. If any of the spots seem to be flaw then rub it gently over the vanity both in and out. It will help you to get the perfect vanity surface after painting.
  • Dip a roller into the primer and then allow it to dry for 3 hours. Finally, paint vanity with your favorite color and let it dry over the night.