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Bitcoin: An Economic Study

Posted: October 25, 2019 at 5:33 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)

Bitcoin comes with associated myths. These myths are about the utility of cryptocurrencies in general. It believes that the cryptocurrency will be the salvation of the world in the event of a global recession. However, several vital factors play a role.

  • An Economic Point of View

Bitcoin could perform as coverage against inflation. The Nation vise economies could also benefit from its usage. Perhaps, Bitcoin is now actively compared to the Gold, but it is a noted fact that Gold can perform better than other assets during the period of recession.

  • Facing Recession with Bitcoin

During the global recession, Bitcoins would be of great use. But it is to be noted that ordinary people could meet the problem of acceptance. The public is reluctant to accept something about which they have little or no knowledge.

Indeed, a global recession is likely to generate interest in alternative economic models among these cryptocurrencies.

  • Adoption of Cryptocurrency

Nobody knows what the performance of cryptocurrencies would be in the case of a financial crisis similar to 2008. Again, the most significant limitation would be the issue of education and the adoption of cryptocurrencies.

The Experten von Männer Magazin verifies that very few merchants have knowledge about cryptocurrencies and even less accept them as a payment method. Adoption would have to be incredibly fast to consider cryptocurrencies a real economic alternative. It is impossible to see if a global recession would take the price of cryptocurrencies to any extreme.

  • Uncertain Performance of Bitcoin During Recession

However, the future of cryptocurrencies depends mainly on the development of the community. People who are part of the crypto community have invested a certain amount of money and time in it. Besides, they know that there are more cases of people who lost all those of the crypto-billionaires.

Many things must change so that crypto assets are a vital part of a possible crisis. Things like mass adoption, usability, and relative stability are necessary for this case. You need to take a long walk for this to happen. Hopefully, the crypto community will continue to grow at the current rate so that this reality is closer than thought.