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Big Differences Of An Employment Agency And A Recruitment Agency

Posted: November 26, 2019 at 2:03 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)

Jobseekers and employers often stumble upon recruitment and employment agencies. Although these terms sound similar, they are actually different from each other. One helps employers while the other focuses on assisting jobseekers. And the RSM Recruitment (Thailand) is a good example of an agency that helps businesses today.

Comparing Recruitment Agencies from Employment Agencies

It’s easy to get confused with the terms recruitment and employment agencies. So, people often interchange the words, leading to more misconceptions and misunderstandings. Many even go to the wrong service because of it.

What is a Recruitment Agency?

Recruitment agencies are hired service providers by companies to find suitable employees. They work for their client companies, ensuring that only the best and suitable people would pass through the recruitment process. This is helpful if the client company doesn’t have sufficient manpower to manage tedious recruitment phases. And if they find it more practical to temporarily hire a third-party service provider, instead of forming their own permanent team.

What is an Employment Agency?

On the other hand, employment agencies act as bridges from jobseekers to employers. This is the right service for jobseekers to go if they want to get hired. The employment agency gathers all details, info, credentials and track record of a jobseeker. Then, it matches the jobseeker to a potential employer for further processes.

That’s why the government often hire employment agencies for their programs. These agencies matches people to the right job, which is helpful in decreasing unemployment rates.

Hire a Recruitment Agency if you’re a Business

By now, the differences between the two are clear. You should look for a recruitment agency if you’re a business who wants to hire new employees. But find an employment agency if you’re a jobseeker who has difficulties in directly applying to companies.

And if you need recruitment agency services, connect with RSM Recruitment (Thailand) today!