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Are Indoor Soccer Shoes Important?

Posted: June 4, 2019 at 12:54 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)

Indoor soccer is a fun game and functions just like outdoor soccer. The only difference is that there’s a roof over your heads and walls that can be used to bounce off the balls without interrupting gameplay. It was started to let the game still be played despite the winter season and can be just as challenging as outdoor soccer.

Playing indoors still require you to wear the appropriate footwear. This is why regular rubber shoes are just not as functional and efficient to use while playing soccer indoors. Here are a few reasons as to why indoor soccer shoes are important:


The proper indoor soccer shoes must allow you to pivot, run and cut between players while in the game. Their tread pattern is different from running shoes which helps you perform these moves. This is why indoor soccer shoes are a must since ordinary rubber shoes just won’t do it. Do note that these shoes don’t have that much cushioning so it is best to buy gel heels or soft shoe inserts for comfort.

Avoids Injuries

Wearing the right indoor soccer shoes avoids injuries. The wrong footwear will lead to slips and falls and possibly even blisters and muscle strains. With the right grip given by indoor soccer shoes, you’ll be able to run across the indoor field smoothly.

Standard Indoor Soccer Rules

There’s also the obvious reason why indoor soccer rules are important. This is because they’re required to be worn on indoor surfaces. To comply with the facility’s rules, you must wear the proper footwear so you won’t damage the turf.

There are many different brands and materials used for indoor soccer shoes. So put down your BandarQ, stop playing, and it’s time to hit the search engines for those best indoor soccer shoes for your feet.