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A Short List Of Some Of The Top Flirting Apps

Posted: October 20, 2016 at 12:40 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

Want to go flirten with other men or women? Sure many of us want to, but we don’t really know where to start. Of course we have all experienced that familiar bar scene, whether we’re alon or out with friends, where we just awkwardly stand in at a corner with a drink in hand. All the while eyeing an attractive person, we want to approach them but we really don’t know what to say and might just make a fool of ourselves so we just stay there at the same corner until it’s time to go home. But thanks to dating apps, we don’t have to experience all that awkwardness.


Just like what a great dating apps goes for, Hinge does everything to avoid the awkwardness of meeting new people. Hinge does this by evaluating all your mutual friends in Facebook, Hinge will ask for your Facebook account from the very beginning, and it will introduce to those who have the highest count of mutual friends with your account. By their logic, since you have a ton of mutual friends and acquaintances then you or your potential chat mate will avoid acting out of line.



Grndr is ideal for gay or bisexual men to meet with others who have similar preferences as they do. Creating a profile for Grndr is easy, just upload a picture, choose your username and answer some questions. Next step is choosing a ‘Tribe’ which best describes your type, after that you can start chatting with other people.

Almost all the features of premium apps are offered for free users in, users are able to easily create their accounts online. Once you have created your account you can start online flirting using the app’s ‘winks’, you even have new suggestions delivered to you every day. But there are of course still some features that are only available when you go premium, like the ability to view everyone who looked at your profile.



DragonFruit is a unique little dating app that has a sole purpose of helping those of us who are geek at hearts to start conversations or even flirt with other people who have the same ‘geeky’ interests as you. When you set up your account, alongside your own origin story, fandoms, hobbies and TV shows; the app tries its best to match you with those who have uncanny similarities as to preferences.

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