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A Review Of Nivea For Men Active 3 Shampoo, Body Wash And Shave Gel

Posted: January 14, 2020 at 10:44 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

After seeing numerous ads for Nivea For Men Active 3 on TV, I decided to try the “all-in-one” body wash, shampoo, and shaving gel. In this article, I review Nivea Active 3 and consider some improvements that could be made to the product.

Who Is Nivea Active 3 Geared Towards?

Nivea Active 3 is advertised as being for men that are on the go. I would say that this product would appeal most to men that travel frequently, because three grooming products are compressed into one bottle. This reduces packing time and the amount that a man must carry. I would say that Nivea Active 3 would also appeal to men that prefer to keep their bathrooms relatively clutter-free, or college students that must carry their grooming supplies to a communal bathroom.

Is Nivea Active 3 Effective As A Body Wash?

The first application of Nivea Active 3 that I explored was its ability to be used as a body wash. I had to apply a moderate amount of Nivea Active 3 to a wash cloth in order for it to spread effectively. I have a feeling that it would be easier to use with a bath sponge. As a body wash, Nivea Active 3 leaves a fresh feeling and a pleasant scent, and is effective on the whole.

Is Nivea Active 3 Effective As A Shampoo?

Using a fairly small amount of Nivea Active 3, I was able to wash all of my hair. Granted, my hair is fairly short. After drying, my hair was clean and fairly soft. That’s all I really ask for in a shampoo.

Is Nivea Active 3 Effective As A Shaving Gel?

I was most surprised when I used Nivea Active 3 to shave my chest. I didn’t have to use very much of the product at all, despite the fact that  I had not shaved for several days. Beyond that, I didn’t suffer from skin irritation which is really common to face with bartschneider, as I normally do with shaving cream. Afterwards, my skin was soft, yet dry. If you suffer from dry skin, you may wish to use a moisturizer.

What Improvements Would I Make To Nivea Active 3?

One of the things I would change about Nivea Active 3 would be to add a conditioner. Shampoo/conditioner combinations have been around for forever, and adding one more function to the three that already exist shouldn’t be impossible. I would also sell Nivea Active 3 in 3 ounce, carry-on-friendly bottles. Because Nivea Active 3 is perfect for men that travel, it would be wise to make it easier to fly with the product. I would also expand the line, adding different scents. I’m sure that, if Nivea Active 3 is successful from a business standpoint, this will happen.

All in all, I’d say that Nivea Active 3 is a great, functional product that any man wishing to travel more conveniently or declutter his bathroom should consider. It can be found at most stores that sell personal care items. Thank you for reading!