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A Review of Jordan Alexander’s Preschool Academy

Posted: December 21, 2019 at 4:57 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)

In a country where preschool options are dominated by money-hungry corporations, like Kindercare and Children’s World, or non-profit programs with ulterior motives, such as church preschool programs focused on socializing kids to be good Christians, very few independent preschools survive. Money is the problem – any private preschool hangs in the balance, somewhere between charging too much for their rates and losing enrollment, and not charging enough and being unable to afford the business’ expenses. Having worked in half a dozen different preschools and childcare centers since I was 16, one stands out above all the others: Jordan Alexander’s Preschool Academy, located in Littleton, Colorado. As a successful preschool, Jordan Alexander’s can offer children many benefits, despite the drawbacks of its private ownership.

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Jordan Alexander’s Preschool Academy accepts children from six weeks to six years. The school features an infant care room, several toddler- and two-year-olds rooms, a potty-training room, several pre-K classrooms for three- and four-year-olds, and a private kindergarten class. The property also has three isolated playgrounds – one for the one-year-olds, another for the two-year-olds and potty-training class, and a large playground for the older children – as well as a large sandbox area. To insure that inclement weather will not result in classrooms full of rambunctious, irritable children, the school also features an indoor gymnasium, perfect for gross motor activities.


Any parent who has enrolled their children in large chain preschools knows how the corporate culture translates into childcare: the teachers suffer low wages and large classrooms, the shelves remain bare of toys or contain only old, broken toys, and meanwhile you continue to fork out hundreds of dollars each week. It doesn’t take a genius to realize that the tuition you pay is not contributing to your child’s improved care. Due to its independence, Jordan Alexander’s Preschool Academy has the freedom to be kid-focused, instead of profit-focused, avoiding problems such as these. As a result, you will find teacher-to-child ratios that are often lower than the state limits, shelves stocked with a myriad of toys and supplies necessary for your child’s development, and classrooms that are clean and orderly.

In addition to preschool, Jordan Alexander’s also offers a private kindergarten program. With lower teacher-to-child ratios than in public schools, students receive more one-on-one attention, and therefore more opportunity to learn and grow. A private kindergarten program, such as the one Jordan Alexander’s offers, ensures that your child will not miss out on what should be a fun and challenging introduction to learning.


Such peace of mind has a price. Jordan Alexander’s caters to the upper-middle class neighborhood it is located in, and the school’s rates reflect that. However, it is necessary to remember that as a private business, the school would surely be unable to survive if their prices did not reflect the quality of the care they provide. Can you really put a price on the value of excellent care and education for your child?

Of course, the problems that typically plague the childcare industry are unavoidable, even for a quality private preschool. Despite somewhat lower turnover rates for staff, the school depends on high school and college students to fill part-time positions just as heavily as does any other childcare center. And the absence of a corporate policy can be a drawback as well as a benefit: while the school can afford to be very kid-focused, it also has the freedom to make exceptions when and where it chooses. This is not a place where you will find “the customer is always right.”


Despite its flaws, Jordan Alexander’s is still the best preschool in the area. Many of the factors that enable the school to provide exceptional childcare stem from its private ownership. The school’s kid-focused curriculum, well-equipped classrooms, and safe and spacious play areas all combine to give your children the best preschool care you can buy. Jordan Alexander’s Preschool Academy provides an example of how a privately owned and operated childcare center can exceed the standards set by all the others.