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A Basic Guide to Blogging

Posted: December 25, 2019 at 12:43 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)

Everyone has an opinion; blogging allows you to get paid for sharing it. You may be wondering, what exactly is a blog? Blog is short for Web Log, which can be similar to an online journal, though it doesn’t have to be quite as personal. For those who really like their opinions and feelings to be heard, blogs are the perfect tool of expression.

So, where can you start your own web log? There are several options where you can place a blog online. First, many people have a blog on their own personal website. After all, what better way to get to know someone than to view their opinions of the world around them? Another place people blog is on websites dedicated to a specific topic. For example, for boxing fans to vent their feelings, they may go to a boxing blog site. They will convey their opinions on a certain fight or boxer and then other bloggers will respond with their own posts. Finally, another place people blog are on sites set up primarily as blogging sites. These websites, like and, allow you to start your own blog on any topic, free of charge. Not only will these sites not cost you a dime, some people manage to make good amounts of money just by blogging. There are traffic generator software that can be used by amateur bloggers so that they can easily improve their traffic flow making their blog more popular.

The way people make money blogging is very simple. For example, if your blog is about online auctions, businesses such as eBay and other online auction sites will be interested in placing advertisements on your blog page. The idea, of course, is that people who are reading about auctions are obviously interested in that subject, so there is plenty of potential for them to click on the ad and visit the businesses’ site. The money that eBay pays the blog site for their ad will allow you to get a small portion of, in most cases. When a visitor to your page actually clicks on the ad, called a “click-through,” you get paid another small amount. Lastly, if the person who clicked through from your blog page actually buys something, you may be eligible for a small portion of the profits. The amounts of money typically made from blogging are not usually very large, but small amounts can add up greatly when your blogs are posted all over the Internet.

If you have started a generic blog that is not dedicated to a singular topic, then you may find yourself experiencing a little writer’s block at times. When this happens, it’s always a good idea to visit popular news websites. If you don’t want to blog about the top stories of the day, then find those little known stories, or the “odd” news stories and blog about them. Interesting and original blogs stand out in a crowd, mainly because so many blogs are very similar to each other. The most important thing about blogging, whether you do it for money or otherwise, is just have fun while writing it. Well-written and lighthearted blogs are some of the more successful ones around today.